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1.Vax H85-GA-B10 review

 Vax H85-GA-B10Gator is a cordless handy and sleek model that’s designed for simplicity and maximum output. It comes with a 10.8V battery, with 15 minutes of run time. This model has an easy to-empty-design, to meet user requirements deliberately. Vax H85-GA-B10 Gator is ideally perfect for quick cleaning.For squeaky corners and hard to access areas for a standard vac like:cracks and crevices, it has a built-in crevice tool too. New “Gator Mouth” technology makes the job of getting off dirt from the bin quite easier, with no spilling of dust on your hands and all. A true hygiene friendly vacuum it is, and it is a very welcome feature!

the H85-GA-B10 is an economical hand operated vacuum. For this reason, you wouldn’t expect it to compete with £200 models in terms of suction power and accessories. But how does it perform in everyday cleaning? Let’s have a look at it.

Specs and Features

  • The 10.8V battery provides more power than other handheld vacuums in this price range.
  • Lightweight design (the H85-GA-B10 only weighs 1.2kg) helps you do more chores with lesser efforts required.
  • It saves your money on replacements as the filter is washable and can be reused.
  • A meager 0.3 liter capacity might sound small, but there are even smaller handhelds available in the market.
  • Emptying the 0.3-litre container is very handy. You’ve to open the Gator’s mouth and spill the dust in the dustbin.. Free from getting that dirt on your hands kinda nonsense.
  • A built-in crevice tool delivers the job exceptionally, making any accessories unnecessary, so the Gator only comes with a charger cable and user manual.



Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and user handy.
  • 12 hour recharge time.
  • Up to 15min run time.
  • Not the most power motor.
  • Built in crevice tool.
  • Not pet user friendly.
  • Easy to empty drum.
  • Easy open Gator mouth.



Vax H85-GA-B10 is a lightweight, user-friendly and quite a handy cordless vacuum cleaner, that comes with comes with the advanced and state of the art “Gator mouth” technology. It’s a small, sleek and versatile vacuum with easy to use features and user friendly operation. It has relatively smaller drum capacity but it supports a powerful suction capability and additional crevice tool to reach smaller corners and hard to reach places.

2.Morphy Richards supervac review

Morphy Richards have been making various household appliances since long, and introducing a wide range of Super-Vac cordless hoovers. These models are available at all price points. However, their Morphy Richards Super-Vac is one of their entry-level model, that is quite economical and budget friendly, can be used as an upright and handheld, and also comes with various accessories. The higher priced cordless vacuum cleaners are considered to deliver brilliant suction and optimum performance, when compared with their corded counterparts. But for those who don’t want to pay a hefty price tag. is there any cheaper model that can compete?

Specs and Features

  • 2 in one design for a handheld and upright vacuuming makes the Morphy Richards Super Vac cordless hoover an excellent choice for versatile use.
  •  The main housing of the vacuum and brush bar with head are in the upright section, while the handheld can be removed with a simple release button for other tasks.
  •  Unlike some other affordable models, the 722005 has a low and high power setting. Many will find the high power setting especially necessary on carpeted flooring.
  •  However, we know the battery provides 18 volts and can supply continuous power for up to 35 minutes on the lowest power setting. As mentioned, it comes with a charging cradle which should be placed where you plan to store the cordless hoover.
  •  It is ergonomic, light (a little under 4kg), and easy to use – which also means it’s elderly friendly. 
  • Soft brush bar really works wonders here, sweeping up fine dust that even top-spec corded cleaners might leave behind.


Pros and Cons

  • Handheld and Upright.
  • Pet hair clogging in brush.
  • Floor Friendly and compact.
  • Less runtime (25 minutes)
  • Swivels for extra manoeuvrability
  • Heavier in handheld.
  • Easy access to corners.
  • Lesser drum capacity.
  • Foldable stick design.



Morphy Richards is a double action vacuum cleaner, that offers the upright and hand-held mode. It’s not much of an economical one but it provides with powerful suction capabilities and multi adjustable modes for all types of hard and carpeted floorings and it even picks up pet fur quite effectively. But it is heavier in lifting and lesser run time. Apart from that, it’s a good vacuum with comes with an adjustable power option and foldable stick.

3.Dyson DC40 Review

Dyson DC40  gives an unquestionable performance in suction power, cleaning ability and its potential. It bears the most up to date Radial Root Cyclone technology of all times, which captures more dust and dirt than any previous technology from Dyson. A state of the art piece by dyson so far .The high rate of  air speed from Cyclone technology makes pet hair, dander, and dust get into the bin really fast. The cleaning capacity of Dyson DC40 cannot be questioned as it comes with sealed HEPA system, which effectively eliminates every  allergen particle, so it’s great for people who suffer from asthmatic and other allergy problems. In fact, it captures microscopic dirt and dust particles down to 0.5 microns. And that’s something not every vacuum cleaner is capable of!

This vacuum comes with the advanced ball system mechanism, which allows consumers to turn this machine on the dime. Some folks who don’t have enough upper body strength would really appreciate this feature because they don’t have to tug and pull other uprights that don’t have a similar feature.



Product Overview

  • Weight: 14.6 pounds
  • Floor types: Carpet, hardwood, stone, tile and other bare floors
  • Hose length: 15.3’
  • Cord length: 24.7’
  • Cleaner head width: 12.2”
  • Dust container capacity: 0.42 gallons
  • Suction: 200 air watts
  • Filters: 2 filters that are both washable, easy to remove and built to last a lifetime


Specs and Features


  •  For extra efficient airways and powerful suction, Dyson Root Cyclone technology is adopted. The technology implemented here has reconfigured the air channels totally, improving its flow and reducing turbulence.
  •  Newly featured Dyson Ball technology, whose great design that allows a quick  and smooth movements with minimum of effort. Dyson DC40 provides you with the means to turn tight corners and turn on the spot, making areas that were difficult to manoeuvre a breeze.
  • The Dyson DC40 Multi Floor is a lightweight model that has been made for a handy movement, gliding across all your floors with comfort and ease.  Less weight and bulk also help to contribute to this easy use.
  • The Perfect solution for multiple floor home owners is given in the Self-adjustable head. It automatically adjusts itself as you switch between floor types.  Resultantly, an excellent suction ability that allows you to have the best possible results. The instant release wand is what an incredible addition, that helps you reading tightest corners with ease.
  • It comes with a five-year guarantee, which covers both parts and labor. It was made to last, so you know you are getting something durable and reliable when you purchase this Dyson model.
  • Pet hair is what this cleaner is certain to pick up even if they are entwined into the carpet reeds, and that’s something not every vacuum is able to do.
  • At 200 airflow watts, this Dyson is the most powerful upright bagless machine around, that is just enough to handle a versatile cleaning session. Besides, the slight drop in airflow strength, lightweight and easy to handle machine is achieved which enables the performance and ease of use together!


Pros and Cons

  • Wand & hose are easy to use and long enough so you don’t have to bend over to use them.
  • No HEPA filtration
  • Well designed for ease of use, transport, and storage
  • Tangle-free Turbine tool
  • Manouvres well around furniture
  • very expensive
  • Strong suction
  • Struggles with large debris
  • Long warranty – 5 years



Dyson DC40 is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a strong suction power and well designed for performance delivery at a high rate of 200 air watts. Dyson gives a 5yr warranty of the product and a long wand, hose and 24.7ft wire reach. That’s an expensive vacuum cleaner that goes around the furniture effectively and picks smaller of the particles even, yet it struggles with larger particles and no HEPA filter.

4.Dyson D41 mk2 Review

Dyson DC41 second generation vacuum cleaner comes with an ‘Animal’ suffix, which indicates that it is designed to provide for the pet owners. Yet we think this can be one of the best all-round cleaners you can buy. It is packed with features and tools, a high picking power, and the company’s latest motorized brush. The vacuum has Ball technology which makes it easy to steer around. The turbine tool of the Dyson DC41 MK2 Animal eliminates all dirt and hair (animal fur) on the ground without being clogged. The vacuum cleaner has a 5-year guarantee. It is designed with the HEPA filter and is ideal for those people who love keeping pets.

Product Overview

Energy Class: Class A
Cleaner Type: Upright
Cleaning Method: Dry

Maximum Motor Power : 700 W

Dust Collection: Bagless

Operating Radius: 14 m

Maximum Noise Level: 86 dB

Weight: 7.8 kg

Maximum Suction Power: (Air Watts) 120

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years

Specs and Features

  • The Dyson DC41 Mk2 comes with an automated self adjusting base plate which keeps the vacuum maintained while automatically raising and lowering. thus, there’s no suction wastage.

With the Dyson ball feature maneuverability of this vacuum cleaner requires minimal effort while you are hovering around. It picks up all the little bits that you can miss with a straight vacuum.

  • The cord is long so you can move from room to room without having to constantly unplug it to and when you are finished, it simply wraps round the clip at the back of the hoover. Such a handy tool to deal with!
  • Dyson DC41 Mk2 includes a more powerful brush bar and the latest Ball technology, making it an attractive model for people with pets.
  • Washable lifetime filter for removing fine dust particles and allergens of almost every type. Certified as “asthma & allergy friendly” by the World Allergy Standards Association.
  • Built with Dyson’s multi-cyclonic technology for better particle filtration and increased air flow. An additional turbine tool that is designed to remove pet hair without getting tangled into the brush.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent turbine tool.
  • Heavier
  • Perfect pet hair pickup.
  • Not an economical vacuum.
  • Cyclonic action with effective allergen removal.
  • Not good for edges and corners.
  • Comprehensive set of side tools.
  • Advanced Radial Root technology.



Dyson DC41 mk2 is a heavy powerful machine, designed especially for pet owners.  It has the best ever hair pickup, allergen removal capacity. It is bagged with multi-cyclonic tech, radial root tech and Class A HEPA filter. Including all of this, it is quite bulky machine, not a handy one and is quite expensive for household use.

5.Hoover fd22 g Review

Not every vacuum is a Hoover, but every Hoover is a vacuum – a classic phrase that shows just how popular the Hoover brand became. Hoover has kept it up with the terms of reliability and efficiency of their vacuum cleaners. Just let go off your corded model and pick up a cordless one instead. handheld uncorded vacuums are an excellent choice, and the Hoover FD22G is able to deliver the performance and tech in a single unit. It’s a great vacuum cleaner for every household, and in this guide, we will be reviewing the Hoover FD22G Freedom, which is for sure to appeal your needs. Why not take a moment and go through this detailed review? You might just find your next vacuum cleaner.

Product Overview

  • Powered by 22V Li-ion battery.
  • Handheld mode as well.
  • Both continuous power mode and trigger modes.
  • 25 minute run-time (when fully charged).
  • Includes a 2 in 1 tool and an additional crevice tool.
  • Lightweight at just 2.2kg.
  • Excellent performance on laminate flooring types and carpets.
  • Decently large 0.7 liter drum capacity.

Specs and Features

  • Hoover FD22G is a decent vacuum cleaner that provides the user with an excellent performance on hard and laminate floors. It also goes well with carpets, although it’s not the best model for this surface.
  • The FD22G is a stylish and sleek vacuum that looks like a premium model. With an all-silver color scheme, it won’t look out of place in any home, even if you need to hang the docking station in a visible location.
  • Here’s also an optional trigger mode to maximize the run time along with the performance mode. We like how you can choose between the two, as both modes are useful for different purposes.
  • Hoover is the latest brand to bring forth the pistol grip  variant of cordless vacuum cleaner, presenting with the affordable Freedom FD22G
  • This lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner combines extension tube and power brush head for floors, and some neat tools for up-close detail cleaning.
  • It is powered by a lithium battery pack, so putting it on charge even if it’s only half depleted won’t affect the long-term performance of the battery.
  • Smart charging also means that you can leave it on charge permanently to ensure it’s always ready for cleaning duties.
  • When you need to charge your vacuum, a wall mounted docking station is provided. Hover FD22g doesn’t come with a stand, so it must be mounted before it can be used.


Pros and Cons

  • Good performance on hard floors
  • Awful carpeted-floor cleaning.
  • Convenient handheld mode.
  • Poor edge cleaning.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Noisy.
  • Useful run-time.
  • Not great with pet hair.
  • Motorized rotating brush bar.



Hoover FD22G is an economical vacuum cleaner, which provides optimum deliverance hard floors and vinyl or laminated floorings. It is quite an affordable hoover with advanced motorized brush for extra cleaning. It has problems with carpeted floor cleaning and is not a good hair picking model. A bit noisier and poor at edges and corners, overall a Versatile and best of the best at this price range.

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