Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Black Friday Deals 2019

In this article, we review Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Black Friday Deals 2019. Lets! check out the latest update and features of this product.

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Black Friday Deals 2019

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Black Friday Deals 2019

The things that we get asked about more and more these days in adjustable bases which really transform how you can use your mattress so what we wanted to do here today is highlight for you an adjustable base that you can actually buy online and in fact is one of the highest-rated adjustable bases on right now so this this base is called the adjustable comfort base from a company called classic brands and what we’re going to do today is kind of walk you through the features of this base and also show you a little bit about what it’s like to set this thing up when it arrives via UPS so this is a really feature-rich base we’re going to walk through each of the features but just at a very high level this base is all controlled through a wireless remote which for starters is a feature in itself because not all adjustable bases come with a wireless remote so what you can do with this base is of course you can elevate your head you can elevate your feet and you can do those two things separately you can also massage your head massage your feet or massage both and all that is controlled through this remote so I’m just going to start by just showing you the elevated head position in fact what I’ll do is I’ll just take it all the way from flat where we were I just holding this up button all the way to as high as it goes and this highest position is kind of the one that you’d probably use if you are like working in your bed let’s say you are working on a laptop or something like that so here we are so this is this is the position you know I’m working on my laptop or something like that that’s that’s the max head elevation with no foot elevation now take that back down and by the way the remote has several pre-programmed buttons such as the zero gravity position as well as a TV PC position and a lounge position but either any of those buttons can be reprogrammed very easily to anything that you want I’m gonna just show you the full range of motion for the feet now so those are starting to elevate as you can see my head is in the flat position at this point and now the feet are in full elevated position and now I’m going to show you this an example of one of these pre-programmed buttons where well first of all press flat that is a pre that’s a pre-programmed button in itself it just takes me back to flat and now I can press a button called zero-g and that takes me to a position where my both my head and my feet are elevated to a certain degree and this is meant to be a very pressure relieving position so but if I think that my perfect zero-g is a little higher and can’t elevate my head let’s say this is what I prefer or maybe I prefer my feet a little higher as well I could say alright this is my this is my zero-g and I just hold the 0g button down for three seconds and now I have set that button to this new position so it’s a very flexible remote in terms of the different positions that you can achieve as well as the positions that you can store in the remote so that you can easily access them on a regular recurring basis now another neat feature of this base is that you have a massage feature there’s two massaged motors one for the head and one for the seat and they can be controlled independently and both actually have multiple speeds so I’ll start just show you how you start the head massage which is right about here maybe the motor and kind of feel it but one of the things you notice on this is there’s not much sound the motor is very quiet there certainly is no movement in the base no rattling related to the motor or triggered by the motor so it’s all you’re getting is just the massage just vibration likewise the foot massage I can start that by pressing the foot button now I’ve got both going and each of the massages has three different speeds so I could cycle through those speeds with this little wavy button here in the middle where it could go down this is now the lowest speed I’m not sure if you can see this at all but there’s just a really pretty subtle massage feature going and I can go to the middle one steps it up a little bit or the highest where this is you know it’s kind of humming along here so that’s another nice feature to be able to kind of vary up those those massage levels and then the last thing related to massage is that there’s also a timer so you could set the timer to 4 where the massage will go off after a certain period of time because the idea is that you might be using this feature and fall asleep while using it so you don’t want this necessarily going all night long now obviously right now I’m using this massage feature in the upright position but with both my head and feet elevated how ever you can use the massage feature in any position it’s completely independent of the head and elevation functions one other feature that I think a lot of people will find useful about this base is that they built two USB ports right into the side of the base so for those of you sleep with your phone right next to your bed you can reach down and just literally plug your phone in and it will just light up and start charging right from the right from your bedside so that’s a super handy little feature to have so some of you may be wondering whether your mattress even works on an adjustable base and that’s actually kind of a separate question and it’s totally independent of which base you choose so this base any mattress that does work on an adjustable base can work on this base the question though of whether your mattress is going to work on an adjustable base has to do with your mattress and there are certain features of a mattress that make it more or less suitable to working with an adjustable base obviously the more flexibility it has throughout the entire mattress the better will allow itself to conform to the base as the base bends you may have noticed that this mattress poked up a little bit on the end when we had it in the full zero-g position that’s totally normal and it just has to do with this particular mattress not quite bending in that last a little bit but but generally speaking mattresses that have all foam construction are going to almost always work pretty well on an adjustable base that includes latex foam mattresses with pocketed coils tend to work pretty well on an adjustable base one small thing that some people have experienced some trouble with is on some coil mattresses if you have a foam perimeter for edge support you can experience some some bowing of that when you go into the articulated positions so that’s something to just keep in mind but in general that’s still work on an adjustable base better to have a reinforced level of coils serving as your edge support that works that’s going to flex a little bit better which which a lot of higher-end mattresses have with what you do not want with working with an adjustable base is for example something called a border wire if if there’s a mattress for the border wire serving as your edge support mechanism then what’s going to happen with that type of mattress is you’re going to bend it up and that border wire is not going to bend back down because it’s not designed to so once you’ve bent up once you go back down and that border wire now is a bend in it so just you wanted all in all you want to just make sure that your mattress is adjustable base compatible before you put it on an adjustable base obviously but suffice it to say a lot of mattresses these days are adjustable base compatible probably of the mattresses that you find in the pointed up I would say probably the general vast majority are probably adjustable base compatible to a greater or lesser degree another nice feature of this base is that it doesn’t have to go into a piece of furniture but it can so they’ve actually upholstered the side of this with a really nice-looking gray kind of tweed almost a fabric and it’s it looks great it’s meant to be exposed and seeing the way we’re showing it here but obviously doesn’t have to be you can stick this whole thing inside if you’ve got like the kind of bed frame that goes around on all all sides for example this can go directly just drop right into it and these pedestals will still just sit on the floor and whatever furniture you have will be seen here and your bed mattress will be above it just the same way the above it now and then you would still see this when you’re not when your head is raised for example but otherwise you maybe even would never know that there’s an adjustable base honor there in terms of sizes this base is available in just about every size Queen and below are actually UPS able so those will just get sent right to your doorstep King is going to be not UPS able so you’ll have to check on what the delivery options are for that but essentially if you’re sleeping with a partner obviously this queen-size unit will operate both sides of the bed and the king-sized unit will actually also operate with one unit both sides of the bed that being said some people prefer to have each side be able to go up separately for that if you wanted to replicate a king-size bed with dual adjustable functionality and what you would actually need is two twin XL mattresses as well as two twin XL adjustable bases but really that’s the only reason why you’d ever get two twin XL adjustable bases here because they do have a king-sized version that controls the whole mattress so you know if you’re going to just put it on a single king-size mattress there’s no reason to get to twin XL adjustable bases now another thing that people ask us about adjustable bases is their weight limit so we just wanted to point out that this base has a weight limit of about 650 pounds in a queen-size and that’s going to include that weight limit is going to include both the weight of the mattress as well as anyone sleeping on the mattress so just for context the average queen-size mattress might weigh anywhere from say fifty to a hundred pounds is kind of where most of them would fall certainly some could be more than a hundred pounds as well if they’ve got a lot of heavy materials like latex in them and then you’re just going to want to add on top of that the weight of any sleepers to make sure that you don’t exceed that 650 pound weight limit one other small thing I want to point out just as an educational point is this bar here it’s called a retainer bar you’ll see this on virtually all adjustable bases in one form or another but this is by far the most common form that they take the purpose of this is just to hold the mattress in place as the base articulates meaning because it goes up and down so it’s a critical feature that all adjustable bases have to have in some form or another this one as I said is the most common form another form you might see is bars on the corners holding a one on each corner other people have tried to get more creative where they even have even created a mattresses that have velcro on the bottom that can velcro onto the base itself but then in that case your mattress in your base have to go together this format here is much more general so this particular base can work with any adjustable friendly mattress so that’s what you’re looking at with this and you know people wonder does this make it hard to change your sheets well yeah it makes it a little bit harder but but not the end of the world menu by any stretch so one of the things that might be intimidating for some people about buying an adjustable base online is the idea of assembling it yourself so we’re going to just show you a little bit about what’s required here and actually it’s not nearly as complex as you might think first of all this is a base that ships via UPS it’s kind of Falls just under that weight limit of 150 pounds so it’s 149 pounds in a queen-size effectively it comes folded and by the way this is the same base that we’ve been showing you in the rest of this video so this thing here folds in the middle and essentially the two middle legs each have little bolts under them here here here and here and the the base is shipped with an allen wrench that you use to screw those bolts in so the very first thing you’re going to do when this thing comes is lay it out flat on the floor and unfold it upside down and then you’re going to fasten on these two legs using the allen wrench it’s two minute like and now it’s going to that’s going to hold it in that flat open position the next thing you’re going to do is take these other legs and they need to literally just screw on right here so you’ll put all the all the legs on and then you’re going to attach the motors and the motors basically have little pins here you can that allow you to slide it in put the pin in and then put this little piece in I just hold it in place so it’s super easy there’s a front motor and a back motor they’re labeled very clearly they don’t actually fit size-wise into each other so you can’t put them in the wrong place and then each of them plugs in this is the obviously the head motor and it has a little head motor plug or you plug that in same thing with the foot motor then you’re going to sync your remote by just holding down this red button this thing here is obviously going to plug into the wall so the whole apparatus has power that’s an important step don’t forget that and then you’re more or less done now once you’ve got this thing ready to the extent you’re lifting it into a piece of furniture that’s going to definitely require more than one person in fact getting this to your bedroom is going to require more than one person as it’s almost 150 pounds so think about those things but once you know what the overall assembly process should only take you in 15-20 minutes provided that you just have have someone to help you move it so what other thing I want to explain about these legs is there’s actually three height settings built into this base here so if I unscrew this leg that’s one height setting in fact that’s that’s the minimum height that has to be elevated just to give clearance to the motor but but you could actually stick this on a platform if that’s how your configuration is set up just just like this all at on all corners at this height or you could add about three inches with this here or you could add the full you know six seven inches that this provides so it’s totally up to you and this is obviously this full height is what you’d probably use if it’s just going to be a standalone thing or if it’s going to be in a piece of furniture but but ultimately resting on the floor so either way you’ve got three options height wise so you’re going to be you’re going to be okay no matter which one is the one that you need so for those of you out there who just kind of like to understand the way things work I’m just going to point out this is the actual head motor on this apparatus and there’s a sort of a sibling version of it down here the foot motor but that’s it’s literally just a little motor that sits in here they’ve obviously cut a little bit out of the mesh to just allow it to sit right there but there’s nothing that’s going to be between your mattress and the motor it’s just on the other side of this it’s just the motor and your mattress basically so that’s how that works in terms of the unit naturally go up and down with sales and what-have-you but the general that we’ve seen this in a queen-size is somewhere so we hope you found this to be a helpful overview of this product again we’ve been hearing more and more from our users that adjustable bases are something that they’re interested in we were excited to show you this one because it is one of the highest rated bases on Amazon and and we do think it’s exciting that you can order it online so we hope you found it to be interesting to see it in action and and for more information that on mattress shopping in general you can go to good bed comm and in the meantime we hope you sleep well.

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