Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser Black Friday Deals 2019

In this article, we will show you complete of Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser Black Friday Deals 2019. This post keep you updated with latest features.

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser Black Friday Deals 2019

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Dresser Black Friday Deals 2019

The Delta Bentley 6 drawer dresser for children it’s a very heavy solid wood piece of furniture and it matches the mocha chocolate dark coloring of the 4 in 1 crib that I showed you in another video and that link is in the video description below so we’re going to go ahead and do an unboxing of this show you

how it’s packed show you how to put it together and then give you my review of it first and foremost let’s go ahead and get to the unboxing it’s got two arrows right here I’m assuming because it says right here heavy that that is the top of the dresser right there but one only knows because it’s blacked out here there’s really no instructions on what those arrows mean I’m just assuming that that’s the top of the dresser so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take the top of the box off then I’m gonna stand it up just in case that is the top of the dresser I can easily slide it out because I can tell you this guy is heavy it doesn’t say on the box how much it weighs let me see here yes it does 129 pounds this puppy is solid so let’s go ahead and open up the box here we had this one delivered with bought online through and we had it delivered right to our home delivery was not that expensive which I was very happy about and so what you have here is you have your styrofoam coating on here let me get my scissors to take off the top styrofoam coating here it looks like we have to assemble some drawers I could see some drawer fronts in here so let me just put this out of the way solid drawer pumps this is not pressed wood you can see from the back a nice solid wood with nice data joints here solid structures and nice screws nice finish to the front hopefully you can see that well in the camera and that is one of the drawer fronts so we got some drawers to put together apparently so we have all six drawer fronts in and we’ve inspected em they look good assuming these are gonna be like in between the drawers but we’ll find out that once we get to the instructions which I don’t know why they do this but every manufacturer I’ve ever bought a piece of furniture or anything that needs to be assembled that’s big they stick the instructions at the bottom of the box why I don’t know if I can make any recommendation to Delta or any other manufacturer stick the instructions on the top then you can work from the top to the bottom of the box and you don’t have to take everything out just wood makes sense and one more this is probably just based on what it looks like looks like the bottom front of the dresser near the floor so kind of makes it look nice again solid wood all of the Delta Bentley product lines are solid wood so you get a nice quality product for the money spent you can always go with a cheaper product with that pressed wood but my experience with the pressed wood products is you get what you paid for nothing wrong if you like to press wood stuff in fact some of the products that you find will have press wood included with them these I no doubt we’ll find some pressed wood in here but the pieces of wood that face you are going to be solid this one it looks like this one might be pressed as part of the structure so there you go with this because I spoke too soon on the full solid wood two pieces I pulled out the depressed wood so far these are solid woods so far they’ve only found a couple of pieces and I’m not quite sure where they go to probably inside separators that are particle board or something of the sort definitely do take the time to package good that’s nice so aside look that’s nice that give you the rails already installed that’s a good thing this is a solid piece of wood there looks like that could be the front maybe the left side there and in the middle of the box interesting in the middle of the box I find the instruction and also the hardware man that is a lot of hardware this is gonna take a while you can see they do provide a screwdriver my experience with these screwdrivers is and get your own screwdriver they give you two different allen wrenches on here bunch of screws fasteners washer sets bolts barrel nut plastic washers wood dowels so everything you need to assemble the dresser itself the instruction booklet right here the Delta Bentley six in one dresser just eight steps a lot of little pieces to put together for just eight steps on this dresser to put together so I’m going to set my instructions off to the side and finish unpacking this I grew up playing with LEGOs so I really enjoy putting furniture together for some weird twisted reasons that was a big Lego set just gets past the styrofoam box down here at the bottom of some sorts I have a white piece of wood here interesting don’t know what for but it has a letter V on so I guess we’re gonna find out what that goes to later on in any installation we have here we have more poles in this bag along with a strap that you can attach to a wall stud that would prevent this whole dresser once it’s assembled from being pulled over and on to any small children so definitely a nice afterthought from Delta Bentley to help childproof the room and keep big heavy dressers as such as this 129 pounds falling on a small child so I like that thank you so much for including that if you can’t find a a wall stud to connect it to definitely make sure you get a an appropriate wall anchor that supports the amount of weight that this dresser is put the wall anchor into the sheetrock and then attach the strap to the wall anchor but again make sure that it will support the the full capacity weight of the dresser himself which you can tell by the box was 129 pounds only eight steps there’s a lot of parts of these eight steps use apart are so again the inside of the drawers are not going to be stained to the same color as the outside so you just kind of sit this off the side these are sand and nice and smooth but they are not coated with any waterproofing material that I can tell no urethane or anything they just look like they’re nice smooth down solid wood pieces you can tell that they’re plywood so I get close enough to the camera and you sell the side of the drawer frames are going to be plywood which is nice durable I’ll set these off to the side you have some more drawer pieces very well thought-out I like the fact they already have the rails assembled onto the pieces of wood makes it a lot nicer and quicker for the assembly these pieces typically don’t get put on right so I’m hoping that the factory put them on correctly and line them up right so that the drawers will fit in correctly remember there’s six drawers to assemble here so I’m going to show you how to assemble one and then I will fast-forward through the rest of them my guess is in you know the amount of pieces on here it’s probably going to take a good 45 minutes to an hour to assemble this so just give yourself plenty of time check your patience at the door you’re assembling furniture you don’t want to get frustrated and damage anything along the way so make sure you use the right tools and it will be just fun all the the unboxing went fairly smooth I’ve inspected all the pieces no major damage that I can see no dents dings scratches scrapes anything like that it would warrant returning anything to the either the manufacturer or the people that we bought it from so gonna go ahead and clear up this mess and start the assembly all right so we’re on step one step one is pretty basic you’re going to need your left and right sides as well as the center divider now if you’re looking for this inside of the packing it’s the piece that’s inside of the box that said divider don’t open up with any sharp objects so that’s what’s in there so if you’re looking for it that’s where it’s located you’re also going to need the two and only two pieces of particle board in the entire structure of this dresser and that is going to be part and parcel of the the center piece right there you’re also going to need you our utilities and hardware for the instruct installation of it specifically during step one you’re going to need the wooden dowels because as step one says we are going to be installing wooden dowels into all of the pieces of hardware and getting them ready for assembly let’s get started they don’t call for any hammers or anything tap these in so we’ll see how these things actually fit so right here at the top this is the bottom there’s no screw holes and plus you see at the bottom of this piece you’ll see the plastic or Teflon or nylon footing so that is the bottom the top is right here and it’s telling me to put a dowel into the center of each one of the top so there’s one let’s see what we have to do here we have to actually place wooden dowels in not only the top but also the bottom of the divider piece now the divider piece comes preassembled just like this you don’t have to worry about any of that it also has the rails already installed on with this so very very nice now it says on the top and each one on each side and on the bottom it aids one on each side now you’re probably asking what’s hold white stick it in if there’s four holes well one of them is threaded one of them is not so that’s the one you’re going to put the wooden dowel in and that holds true for the top and bottom this is part labeled see if you’re wondering what side goes up typically in these situations you’ll see that the rail is on the top of the roller is on the top and that allows for the drawer which has the roller right there to link up into there and then you have a roller on the top and mob so hopefully I’ve got that right and we’ll see if I’m wrong towards the end but typically that’s how it goes so we have the two sides the senator divider the part-ii all has dowels into it now I need to go through all of these little sections that we looked at earlier these are the L pieces and I need to put wooden dowels into these and these call for two dowels on each side and don’t sling it over too hard like I just did or add a little flyout and you’ll have to find it I guess if you really wanted to you could glue these dowels in I don’t see anything on yours it says don’t use glue but I guess you could if you really want it to I’m not going to do that because I’m gonna follow the instructions on our percent and finally part G same thing battles on the side and that uses up 100% of the dowels in the hardware kit so step one is to get all of the dowels installed and we’ve done that we’ve got all of the dowels installed and now we’re going to move on to step two which is the assembly of parts f h c of G and J all together which part and parcel is this piece right here the center device on the center divider the wheels face down according to the instructions so we’re going to go ahead and call this bottom in this top all right so now we have the beginning part of the structure the dowels are holding it kind of in place while we’re getting everything else ready the bolts are in created kind of a an eye structure beam for the the rest of the the dresser itself so that completes step number two so we’re gonna go ahead and move on to step 3 and that is connecting the side pieces to the overall structure using the L boards right here which will be the guides the bottom pieces of each drawer so we’ll go ahead and get started okay so while the instructions tell you to put these bolts in what it fails to really tell you is how far you need to screw these things in you really need to have quite a bit in order to be able to accept the the Crescent washers so that’s what I’m doing right now is I’m loosening them back up so that I can get the crescent washers in place all right so that completes the basic frame of the dresser you can stand this guy back up to its normal area you can see kind of how big it’s going to be and the structure of it so now we have to go along to the next step step four which is the sides we did that now we’re on to step five which is the bottom piece that we looked at the nice molded piece or the crowded piece right here this is going to go on to the front so we have to install that now and there are two nice pieces that go on the sides so this will go on the front and then there are two pieces right here that are going to go on to the sides so that completed step number five which was right here now we’re gonna move on to step number six and that’s placing the top of the dresser on to the body and that’s a big solid piece of wood as well you’re not seeing things yeah there are two pieces of wood here that weren’t here before I happen to be looking around and I noticed that I still had the two pieces of pressed wood the only two pieces of pressed wood that come with this entire unit and I was like well where are these supposed to go and I happened to look back a couple of steps ago and I was supposed to insert them while we were sandwich eating the sides in and I didn’t do that but I didn’t have to disassemble the entire unit what I did was I loosened up the bolts for the the crescent washers on this side and this side and then loosened up one of the bolts here and one of the bolts over here that was holding the top piece in and allowed me to flex the board out just enough to get this piece in and this piece is held in with dowels so there’s a dial here and a dial here and then there’s another wooden dowel here and then wouldn’t down here so there’s four dowels on each one of these pieces of pressed wood I was able to slide it in and press the wood out very carefully but I have a so I wouldn’t crack the wood and slide the dowels in push the wood back together tighten everything back up and then we’re back into the steps where we’re supposed to be at which currently right now we’re supposed to be in step number seven I had to backtrack to step number four and I didn’t really pay attention close enough but there was the board back over here on step four so be careful if you are buying this one to follow all the steps so you don’t have to do the oopsie correction method that I just did but not a big deal I got it together without cracking any wood and I didn’t have to disassemble the whole thing so on to step number seven alright step number seven uses these really thin back panels marked with the letter M and that is going to be secured to the back here with 20 15 millimeter black panel screws now you can either choose to have this facing inwards or outwards it’s the style the lot number where was made the fabrication and all that stuff you can choose to have that facing out or in there’s really no right or wrong side to this I’m going to choose to have this facing in and if I need to get this information all I have to do is pull out one of the top drawers respectively and I can read this information off but that way it makes it look a little bit cleaner on the back end and that finishes step number seven step number eight is putting together the drawers so I’m gonna go ahead and spin this dresser around let you see up to this point we’ve got all of the back completely sealed in the top is secured on the only two pieces that are this is like a fiber board like almost like a cardboard back here it is wood but it’s that pressed thin of an ear wood this is a fiber board down here the rest of it’s solid wood opportunit so good construction on this good quality product and you can see the front we’ve got six drawers that are gonna be going into here and I’ll begin stalling those after I get those put together because as we talked about the very beginning they give you all of the drawer pieces these are solid wood fronts and they’ve got solid wood plywood sides and backs and so we’re gonna go ahead and start that installation right now alright step number eight as I mentioned is the drawers so we’re gonna go ahead and start to assemble the drawer frames I’m gonna do one on camera and then I’m gonna finish the rest of them off camera because I don’t think that you want to watch me put together six drawers but I will show you how to put together one of them and then we’ll go ahead and install them into the frame of the dresser so let’s get started we’re gonna need first is to make sure that we have a front of the drawer ready or that’s the last part of this step to assemble of the drawer we’re gonna need a side we’re gonna need an S and a t each one of those represents a left and a right side as you can see this is the S side and this is the T side and what you do is you assemble it like that so the wheels are respective on both sides so we’re going to go ahead and set those off to the side we do know that we need one of those each and we also need a R and the R is the back piece now all of these are plywood is that I mentioned before at the very beginning of this you can see the plywood it does have a flat end here all 90-degree angles and a nice rounded edge here on the top so that is your top edge gonna be really nice looking when it’s inside of the unit and lastly what we need is we need a V this is the small pieces and we also need one of the bottom drawer pieces so that is all of the pieces that make up a single drawer and you have the bottom you have this piece this piece is actually a stabilizer that sits underneath this it makes it a little bit more rigid because as you can see it’s pretty flexible so you want to strengthen that up and that’s what this B piece right here does you have your back panel your two side panel is an estimate E and a front panel remember the front panel is the last thing you build onto the drawer so let’s go ahead and get started alright the next thing we have to do is go ahead and slide in the front of the drawer now you’ll notice you bring this up here to the camera you’re wondering are how am I gonna attach this stabilizer piece of wood to the front without destroying the front of the drawer and putting a screw through what they did is they not stood out right here to where you can actually slide it in and that stabilizer piece of wood is gonna go in right there very thoughtful so let’s go ahead and slide it in and secure it in with a couple more screws from the side and that locks it all together like a big Lego block and that’s all it takes there’s the drawer they stabilizers all that what I like about this thing is it’s all screws which is going to hold together a lot better over time and not fall apart but if things do become loose we can back out one of the screws maybe put some glue in overtime or or whatnot so I like the fact that it’s all solid wood except for a couple of the back pieces which is not really a big thing step number eight is continue to put on the drawer knobs so I’m gonna go ahead and do one of these so you can see them run out and for you well step eight continue and that’s where this little flap screw comes into place so you have six of these six drawers and six matching drawer knobs or drawer pulls so I’m gonna go ahead and put that through a lot of times you can do this by hand without any screwdrivers if you can’t quite get it tight enough you can take your screwdriver on the back and hold the screw steady and there is a complete drawer let’s go ahead and slide it in place so we can see what it looks like and there you have it so I’ve got five more of these to do and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s all complete so there you have it all six drawers assembled and installed into the unit and I gotta tell you what I am extremely impressed with this dresser for the money spent it’s well worth it this is solid wood I mean half the time when you buy an a dresser for kids it’s pressed wood all the way around and it falls apart in a very short amount of time I have a strong feeling that this is gonna last for a very long time so I wanted to go over the dimensions for you just in case you are considering this dresser for yourself and you want to make sure that it’s going to fit into your space let me get the here and from side to side left to right you’re looking at around forty seven and a quarter inches from left to right front to back you’re looking around nineteen inches and from the floor up to the top of the dresser about thirty three and a half and the drawers are really nice and spacious usable space in the drawer left to right about 18 and three quarters front to back around thirteen and a half and the depth from bottom to the top of the dresser drawer is about five and a half inches so very spacious you get six of them one of the things that I noticed about this and it’s a kid’s dresser that’s how this is being marketed is I didn’t like that the dresser drawers don’t have soft stops and what I mean by that is if you have a young kid and their hand is here and somehow another person accidentally pushes on the drawer and shuts it could be another kid could be the kid itself and having his hand here reaching in to grab something and pushing you back there’s nothing that’s gonna stop this drawer from doing this and that could really convert a small pair of hands so I really wish Delta would have thought about putting soft stops on a dresser that’s geared and marketed for kids they do make aftermarket rails that you can buy and install not Delta but other people do make aftermarket rails that should fit into this that you can replace out all of the rail systems and put in soft stop rails and what that would do is as you’re pushing it it’ll get to about an inch away it’ll stop itself and then it actually pulls itself in nice and slow so Delta if you’re watching this video I would make suggestions that on a future release of this particular model or a future model of the Delta Bentley six drawer dresser put soft stops in it I mean you guys went above and beyond providing the wall anchorman which secures the dresser to the wall preventing it from being pulled over on a young child especially that this dresser is heavy you’ve seen at the very beginning of the video that this dresser weighs about 129 pounds so if a young kid started pulling on things or climbing on it it fell over that could hurt them so Bravo goes and applause goes out to the wall anchor mount that you guys included but you guys could have gone an extra step it probably would have cost pennies the to include salt stop rails into all of the dresser so think about that if you are buying one of these for yourself and you do have an interest in soft stock rails measure out the rails after you get it completed and go down to your local hardware store I know even IKEA sells soft stop rails and take the set of the rails see if they match up see if they can be swapped out and so you can do a little upgrading to the address or yourself if you found this video helpful and interesting and useful don’t forget to give it a thumbs up tell all of your friends and family who are having kids or are in research for furniture for kids room and they’re looking for quality furniture not buying junk furniture is what I call it that this dresser is well worth the money spent in for a small amount of time about an hour by myself to install it and assemble it wasn’t hard at all you even see the oopsy where I forgot to install two panels in the back and I was able to easily just loosen up a couple of the fasteners and get those panels in without any complete disassembly of the unit which was a big breath of fresh air for me because I really thought I was gonna have to disassemble the whole unit but I got those in place so the dresser is completely assembled now again if you liked this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and also don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and give it a thumbs up follow it share it tell all of your friends and family about interface webcast we do videos on all kinds of topics you’ve seen furniture here we’ve got a bunch of previews coming up a bunch of how-to is coming up so you never know what you’re gonna find here at interviews webcast but it’s always going to be interesting so until next time take care web world.

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