Garmin Forerunner 35 Black Friday Deals 2019

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Garmin Forerunner 35 Black Friday Deals 2019

Garmin Forerunner 35 Black Friday Deals 2019

In this article, we will show you the complete of Garmin Forerunner 35 Black Friday Deals 2019. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

Hey folks way from DC America calm about Hera Garmin’s newest running watch the 435 so this watch builds on the 410 for our 15 for our 25 watches that have come out over the last few years here and it’s designed to be sort of their budget-minded GPS watch except for the main difference though is that now instead of being that point so it’s a bit more expensive than we see in the past.

I’m not really sure how well that’s going to resonate with this particular crowd but nonetheless when you go to get a walk through so we see in the back here is this optical heart rate sensor and this is likely why we have this kind now is that we’ve got this optical heart rate sensor whereas in the past you did not have an optical heart rate sensor you got to buy a heart rate strap on the side if you wanted heart rate so this optical sensor will not only do 24 by 7 heart rate but also heart rate during exercise while you’re working out and give you that feedback back so back on the front of the screen here we’ve got the time up here we have the day and the bar at the bottom of the bar there is that is our inactivity bar so basically you get these four little chunks that’ll fill up over the close of an hour which means that you haven’t done anything you’re lazier or whatnot so you basically want to clear this bar by walking about a hundred meters or so and I’ll go ahead and get rid of that so diving into the menus first you can see I’ve got history here this watch is brand news it’s not to have anything on it yet I’ve got the ability to set a time alarm there I can now these alarms set repeating and so on so I can set the time for 12 hours p.m. and that’s pretty much it it doesn’t look like and set it for certain days of the week for example oh there we go so days the week for daily weekdays weekends and so on so let that sit there for that and leave that for someone else down the road go ahead and click back off and then do not disturb mode so this allows me to silence alerts particularly smart phone notifications coming to the unit itself as opposed to using that same feature on my smart phone into the settings here we’ve got our Bluetooth settings this is for connecting to your smart phone – not for connecting the Bluetooth smart sensors a watch will only do the ant+ heart rate strap there so just keep in mind this is purely for phones so watch face allows me to change it to either digital or analog watch face so I’ll do that and I’ll go look at it later on going down we have activity tracking here I can turn that off that’s talking four steps you know distance calories as you’re walking around I can also change my alert goals and whether or not those are on or off so your actual move target for the day is dynamically done based on how much you’ve done the day before so kind of like herbs and flows based on that that’s something to keep in mind go ahead and down onto sensors here I can add a sense so I can save those in this list here go ahead and go back and that’s if you want a little more accuracy potentially compared to the optical heart rate strap and then we have the user profile information that’s just kind of weight and gender and stuff and head on down a little more system here language kind of all this the basics you’d expect sounds you can turn them on and off different types of sounds and then down into units for changing for example kilometers to miles and and so on so nothing really surprising this kind of very basic features there well back a little more and now it’s that’s pretty much the total of the menu for settings so now here’s that analog watch face that we talked about remember you saw that I change that a bit earlier so I’m gonna go now to the running mode is this button up here so press that and now got my different choices to run outdoors is going to use ups running doors is going to use the accelerometer inside the watch to go ahead and give me pace and distance biking if I’m biking quite simply cardio’s is for Jim kind of workouts typically it’s gonna be GPS off based and it’s going to focus on bar movement going down we have walking this allows again for easy using the GPS for outdoors that just simply more of a categorization really there’s no technical difference treat running in GPS is purely a categorization sort of thing I’m going back to run outdoors so those are my few modes here so I’m gonna go ahead and hit this now and start finding GPS which you see that little arrow there a little of status bar there and then the heart rate is blinking which means that it’s looking for my heart rate so that’s the heart rate on the back you can kind of barely see those green lights it’s a bit tough I understand a little closer they better see it so there you can see it right now just on there and this will take my heart rate and if I can actually hold my finger over it will usually do it and that’ll stop blinking once it’s ready to go the next.

I’m gonna go ahead down into the options here and show you what we have so the run mode is already just changing what we already talked about but we can also add in for example the ability to go change different types of run so it’s free run just means it’s going to run itself that’s a move alert popping up by the way for coming up in the hour here for not moving too much run walk will give me alerts you’re going to run for a certain time and then you can walk for a certain time and some people use this in marathon training plans in particular to pace themselves a little better speaking of pacing you have the virtual pacer so you can set this at a certain pace so 9 minutes 15 seconds it to go and keep your paced as you’re running it’s not quite virtual partner they’re actually slightly different so do keep that in mind intervals here so you’ve got basically the work portion up there the rest right there and that’s the different run modes alerts here we can add distance time calories and hor trailer it’s if I just go down to a distance Lord for example I can turn that on and you can see the different distance honestly if you run a marathon aren’t aware of that then yeah so data fields you can change your data field so the top one is I got three data fields per page and two pages as you just saw there so I can go change this to these different data field so I can say I’m gonna do distance there and I change this from time to pace and change this next one from pace to collect a heart rate how’s that now all right so enough to work them and so there we go and we can do the same thing down here for the next one I can change this and it’s nice this is pretty customizable sometimes in the past Carmen’s restricted what you could do on these different data fields on the low run watches but it looks like it’s I can pretty much choose anything I want here and there’s no issues of that which is good so back auto pause this is simply if you want to watch the pause when you stop running automatically and we start again to go laps auto lap it was on for every mile right now or I can turn that off and go ahead and do manual lap using the lap key which is right there pace and speed so patient speeds if you’re cycling you would use speed as opposed to pace so miles per hour kilometers per hour the words running is pace you know minutes a mile and so on and then that’s it that’s it four options so at this point I will click start it’s going to go ahead and count up here for a couple seconds and then you’ll see that I’ve got my distance pacing zone street and then you’ll see I’ve got my distance pasting zone screen and then if I go down I get the same information on what these metrics are before I click on and then I’ve got the time screen as well on there so the time and the date and so on if I click stop I can go and pause right now so it’s not recording anymore but it’s not ended and I can save I can resume or discard that I’ve burned one whole calorie talking during that which is awesome activity saved and that’s it so again folks that’s just a quick look at the Gorman forerunner 35 here it’s 200 bucks it should be available my understanding is later towards the end of this month and September and it’s definitely something all I’ll probably try to do some sort of review on once it starts shipping you know I think at this it’s really going to compete against something like the Fitbit blaze which doesn’t have GPS but it has a bit of a prettier screen this has more or less the same technical functions but honestly the vive lacked of HR which is Garmin zone watch that sets 50 bucks more to 50 it’s just a crap ton more capable watch this is it looks prettier it’s got way more features way better integration of things got connect IQ support for example for apps and so that’s why I think there’s maybe you little about awkwardly I would have thought like 149 maybe 169 would have made sense whereas seems a bit out of place to me so then thanks for watching definite go hit the like button down below as well as a subscribe button that gets you all the way to sports Technology goodness.

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