Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with Camera Black Friday Deals 2019

In this article, we will show you complete of Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with Camera Black Friday Deals 2019. This post keep you updated with latest features.

Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with Camera Black Friday Deals 2019

Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with Camera Black Friday Deals 2019

What it is it is considered a Chinese budget drone and normally we are accustomed to seeing this one here guys really goes a little bit above and beyond in terms of how easy it is to use how reliable it is and just how much fun it is especially if you are a beginner this drone is a hundred percent recommended guys

I mean this thing doesn’t have any glitches it doesn’t have any problems it comes right out of the box ready to go and to calibrate it it is also super simple I have seen other I will say a lot more expensive drone smart drones that are very hard to calibrate and they can frustrate anybody out there this one here guys it is super super easy I’m telling you even a 10 year old can operate this even though it has recommended 16 plus but again it is so easy that pretty much anybody out there can fly it other than this it has amazing specs like GPS it has one key return feature Follow Me mode intelligent battery altitude home mode headless mode HD camera a nine axis gyro and a four channel transmitter so again very impressive for the side here of the box we have more detail information about this product or you can simply click on the link below and check it out directly on the back side here it is giving us a little bit more information about the camera it is equipped with a 720p HD Wi-Fi camera but now keep in mind it is Wi-Fi so after I would say 120 meters or so you’re gonna start losing connection with the camera but the good news is that it has a built-in SD card so it’ll continue recording for you even though you lost signal between your smartphone and the transmitter because again it is naked via Wi-Fi then the battery here is a 7 point 4 volt when T 500 milliamps able to give you about 12 and 15 minutes now the charging time is absolutely ridiculous guys but now a little trick is that well when I use my fast charger from Samson it was charging a little bit faster than the 3 hours they’re giving us here it was charging in about almost 2 hours so that was great but now keep in mind that this is a lipo battery so fast charging it is usually not recommended it’s actually very risky but I decided to do it and nothing happened the battery didn’t even warm up or anything but it did charge a lot faster this is just informational you can try it but at your own risk so anyways guys let’s go ahead and check HERE the contents inside of the box and the first time you find here is some extra landing gears because the drawn already comes with some already pre-installed as you can tell right here but it came with some extra ones definitely appreciated and then we have a little notebook now don’t ask me where the notebook is for but it was included for some reason and then we have here the tools and some extra parts as well we have a SD card reader inside of this little bag so again very appreciate it then the next thing you find here is going to be the prop guards now this is recommended if you guys are I would say beginners or you just simply want to learn how this drone operates and feel comfortable with it then you just go ahead and install it now myself I feel like I’m more towards the expert side so I just decided not to put them on they can add some extra weight to the drone and the battery will deplete a little bit faster so the next time you find here is the battery again this is the twenty five hundred million battery it has a smart button here that you click it it’ll give you the battery status including how much is charged it comes with four dots each one is about 25% so it’ll tell you briefly how much you have of battery power which is really cool the next time you find here is going to be of course the transmitter very easy to operate transmitter just has a few buttons we’re going to be talking about this in just a second and then finally here we have the drone guys okay we can see here on the bottom side we have the HD camera 720p and it does move up and down but it doesn’t have a crew gimbal on here so when you’re flying around and it is a little bit windy where the drone is fighting with the wind thanks to the GPS position home mode then yes it’ll look a little bit shaky when recording but it still it records very nicely according to the next time you have is some poor LED lights we have two in the front side here they are white and then we have two in the back side they are kind of like purple looking and then we have the four motors and the props don’t come installed but the props are here right underneath the box so I almost forgot to mention guys that inside of the box we also have the manuals which are very easy to follow the translation between you know chinese and english was done very well so you will not have any problems reading this thing whatsoever and yes so this drone as you guys can tell came with pretty much everything you need to get going right away one of the best beginner drones that i’ve seen again guys in quite a while so what this being said let me go ahead and set everything aside and now let’s talk a little bit more in details about deep drone so now that we got this drone all set up and ready to go i want to give you the information that you need to get this thing up and running the first thing is that you must charge the battery completely before you take off that way you ensure that you get your 15 minutes at least and to check the status what you need to do is hold and press this button right here and it’ll give you the status right now have about 75 to 80% you have a charger here with this micro USB port and to turn it off you just hold impressive for a few seconds keep in mind that this will also serve as a power key for your drone the second thing you must do because this drone comes almost completely assembled including here the landing gears in the camera is just installed the propellers the propellers to come label with a and B you must make sure that you match it with the correct motor so it’ll have the deed logo on the motor itself and then of course match it here with the propeller and then it comes with three separate pieces one of them is the washer then you have a spacer and then the screw so to get this correctly done all you need to do is go ahead and place the propeller first of all on the motor itself then quickly after this you head and insert one of the washers and then you would go ahead and insert the spacer make sure that it does align perfectly well with a hole on the shaft for the motor and then after this you will just insert the screw the Phillips curve with the phillips screwdriver included inside of the box and that’s pretty much all you have to do but now don’t forget the final cap that goes on the very top protecting the whole assembly here on the propeller so after this you’re all set to go you do the same repeated steps here on the a side and the other B side and you should be all set to go then quickly after this you go back here to your drone on the back side and you ensure that your camera has here at the SD card right here on the back side it comes with the SD card reader and finally you insert the battery now keep in mind that you can press the power key by accident and turn it on you don’t want to do that with the transmitter turned off so make sure that you push it here from the sides and this is all you have to do now the drone is all set to go so the next thing here is going to be the transmitter very easy to use guys again this is a super simple drone so nothing here is obviously dramatic so on the front side we have the return key and it works absolutely as intended then we have the power key to turn on the transmitter then we find here the auto landing and the auto takeoff button on the top here we find the headless mode key we also had the follow me key so this works guys and to be honest with you it works ok but it’s not a super accurate I kind of fell a little bit I was saying on the unsafe side thinking that it was gonna hit an object or that something was gonna happen were you know I was gonna lose the drone or something so I just decided not to use this feature it does work but again I was a little bit skeptical about it because there was a point where I stopped and the jointer just kept on going so for that reason I disabled it and never turn it on again and then here we find the wheel for the speed control you can increase it by going all the way to the right or the crease there by going all the way to the left here in the middle side even though it is hard to see we have this little bracket for your cell phone so that way you can hold it and what I did is that I pull that all the way out here up from the top and then I moved it here towards me and after this you go ahead and insert your phone and you should be all set to go finally here on the right side of the remote we have the camera angle wheel ok that’s well of course tilt the camera according to your likes then we have a dedicated photo key and a dedicated recording key and that’s pretty much all we have here for the remote on the bottom side here we have a charging port it is a rechargeable battery which again is really appreciated the only little downside about this system is the fact that when you’re connecting to the Wi-Fi for your fpb it doesn’t connect to the transmitter it connects to the drone so again after about 120 meters you will lose the connection between the camera and your cell phone but again keep in mind that it has its own SD card so you will always be recording on here and it does also record directly on your cell phone but in case it gets cut off well at least you know you have the footage directly here from the camera so that’s about it when it comes here to the transmitter so now we’re going to be talking about how to pair it and how to calibrate the comm pass which is really easy so the first thing you want to do after turning on here the transmitter and the drone afterwards is go ahead and impair both of them together so to do this you just move here the left lever all the way up and then push the bottom and then now we can see some different lights on here and then quickly after this the Wi-Fi will be activated on the drone so now is a good time to come back here to your smartphone you go into your Wi-Fi settings here so let me go ahead and close this out let’s go here into Wi-Fi and then you will find the one for this particular transmitter it is called the holy stone fpv you click on it it doesn’t have a password so that’s great and in no time you will be connected so right now everything is set to go and the drone actually has set up here a GPS signal right now because the lights are no longer blinking so in case you guys didn’t know when they are blinking the way you just saw them before that means that it is attempting to grab a GPS signal so this is amazing that inside of the house it was able to do that so now here we are basically all set to go to go ahead and take off all we have to do now is go ahead and down this application it is called the HS gps pro okay you go ahead and open this application and it says right now checking the Bligh’s and it gives us here four different options we have gallery which is going to give you everything that you have recorded on here on the top we have the firmware version so maybe in the future we can upgrade this as well then it says support it has learned help and then enter device in this case we’re going to choose to enter device so now here on the application we can appreciate right here that it’s giving us already the battery status for the transmitter and also the drone itself if I click on these three lines it’ll give me here the settings for the distance now if you guys are a beginner you want to go ahead and turn this on and it’ll set it up to about thirty meters and also the altitude to thirty meters and the return altitude to twenty five meters this is again beginners mode but in my case I decided to just go ahead and take it to the max because again I see myself as a expert pilot I will say so for that reason I didn’t need the beginner mode so now go ahead and save those settings and now here we have the buttons for the camera they’re recording the Follow Me mode the auto takeoff and all those great features so we can do in the right clip from the remote but me personally I rather use the one here on the transmitter itself then after this everything on top here is just informational we got the GPS we also have here the VR glasses settings so you can insert these in a VR and view it directly from your glasses okay which is really cool and other than that everything else is very straightforward we’re now is giving me here the information that it is ready to fly but since we are elevated a little bit more than usual here with my test it is giving me this little warning on the bottom side so again this is all normal but now to calibrate the comm pass it is also very easy all we need to do is move these two levers to the middle side on the top and now you will notice how the lights are blinking a little bit differently and then here it is giving us the information on how to calibrate this so the first thing you must do is go ahead and place it on a flat surface preferably grass then you will lift it and move it wize okay until you come back to the same position you were before so now you can see how the purple lights on the back or solid and now to calibrate the rest you would just point it up like wise and then spin it until the light remains solid so right now you guys can see that both lights are solid and that means that we have completed the calibration for the comm pass after this guys once you have calibrated the comm pass once you have a GPS positioning hold and the camera is working you are all set to go so now this thing on the air guys worked absolutely great the auto take off is really easy to use and I would say it does elevate about I’m gonna use feet I would say about maybe four four or five feet up in the air so make sure that when you use that button that you have enough clearance to take up the high if not you can just activate the motors directly from the levers by moving them towards the bottom side both of them together and that’ll activate the propellers and you can do it manually as well all right so now after getting everything completed and calibrated I went ahead and flew this thing on a windy day and let me tell you guys that well it didn’t do bad in the sense that this thing kept the GPS positioning very very nicely even though the wind was trying to drag it now when you’re trying to record at the same time that’s when the problem occurs because this thing does not have a gimbal and that’s the whole purpose of having one is to stabilize the video but now this thing when it gets pushed to the sides and it’s trying to fight the wind the camera is not gonna record as great regardless of how great the day is it could be a nice sunny day and the recording is going to look very jumpy and you can barely see what’s on the image because of the fact that well it is jumpy and this thing doesn’t have optical image stabilization either so yes I would definitely suggest that you guys fly this on a nice smooth day and you will thank me later talking about the GPS this thing has amazing qualities when it comes to the GPS guys there was zero lag or serial drag should I say where the positioning was left at okay so that means that when you’re flying you let go the transmitter is just stay right there in the same position and this thing that is quite well also the return to home work absolutely fantastic guys I mean I press the button and it came down exactly to where I took it off from so the GPS is super accurate on this thing and that’s one of the main highlights okay because we’re not paying too much for this drone and having a very sensitive GPS is super important especially when you’re trying to learn on something that is not very expensive and this is a main concern for a lot of people out there guys that when they buy drones they want to learn first you don’t want to go ahead and that then will crash and maybe a few hours they want to try it with something that they feel comfortable with but sometimes when you get them too cheap then there’s another problem because the reliability is also in question so this one here is super grade I will say is the perfect drone I can for any beginner out there the motors were holding very nicely as well they are quiet even though they are brush and the are gear powered so it is not a direct drive it has a gear and then the gear connects to the shaft where the props go installed and that’s how this thing operates for the most part and there are many tutorials out there on how to replace the motors as well so when it comes to support this thing has tremendous support as well so you know I think that in my opinion guys it has all the bells and whistles that you need in order to get started and even if you know how to fly it but you don’t want to spend all that money on a drone this thing will provide fun to pretty much anybody out there so the recording of the camera well it wasn’t the best to be honest with you guys it is not super detailed and it can look grainy because it has a I would say it’s somewhat cheap sensor it is only 720p and I’m assuming that this thing is either 2 megapixels or five megapixel so it is not a super high-end camera but you can’t deny the fact that comparing it to other budget drones this thing can do quite decent like you’re seeing right now here so all in all I have to give this thing in nine and a half out of a 10 and the reason I don’t give it a 10 out of 10 it’s because maybe I wish that it had a brushless system here that would have made it a lot better and more reliable and the fact that the camera doesn’t record the way I want to other than these two minor issues this thing is definitely a great drone what this being said guys I think that we have completed here the unboxing and review of the holy stone HS 100.

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