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Honeywell 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Black Friday Deals 2019

Honeywell 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Black Friday Deals 2019
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This article is all about for the Honeywell 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Black Friday Deals 2019. Check out the latest update.

Honeywell 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Black Friday Deals 2019

Honeywell 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Black Friday Deals 2019Why you want to pick this one up right number one we’re going to deliver it to you yeah it has six months for you to be able to work it into your budget because we’re not going to fool you these are investments because it’s replacing lots of things and it’s a Honeywell so you are really getting a really great product absolutely six easy pays of about if you want to think about it that way a day every month white or black so you decide what will look best in your decor so let’s talk these portable air conditioners this is a 10,000 BTU yes really have they’re they’re a miracle compared to what you used to have to do exactly this is a compact easy to use completely portable cooling system that’s combining a three in one technology to not only cool but also dehumidifier areas in your home up to 350 square feet plus it’s coming to us by honeywell which is a name that’s been in the business for over a hundred years there are conic for their thermostats they do a lot of different things in this world and it’s sleek and beautiful and it just looks good and keeping you cool yeah you’re investing we realize that that’s why we gave you the easy pay we’re bringing it to your home and we’re also giving you that opportunity to break your payment’s into six easy pays and I love how you haven’t set up over here because it really is a lot more than just an air conditioner right well this unit right here is replacing all three of these units that you see on this table so we have a dehumidifier here we have a fan and we have an air conditioner so there’s three modes on this unit three different adjustable speeds so no longer you’re going to have just that window unit or just a fan or the big dehumidifiers you have all three in this technology so it’s keeping you cool and taking the moisture out of the air I told Kylie years ago when these first hit the market we bought this from my mom and dad in their house because my dad couldn’t have my mom can’t do it by yourself I’m putting the window air conditioner and the dehumidifier with my parents always use a dehumidifier used to have to empty that thing and then if fan is not very comfortable take a look at the difference and see how your life could be different you know it’s sleek and design it’s easy to install I can do it myself because I did live in a house too with the window units by myself and I would try to love them up the stairs they were next to impossible this is on casters so it moves completely portable you have the extension hose that’s going to reach back it takes a couple minutes to install that is it and you get everything that you have anything that you need and it’s going to go right into your window it’s going to fit between 20 almost 20 inches to 47 inches plus you can hang it vertically so no matter what the space is going to okay so no matter what kind of window I have I don’t have to worry exactly you don’t have to worry at all it’s going to go in and it’s just easy very very simple you can see a beautiful beautiful sleek design there’s almost a 30 degree range so you can go from 61 degrees all the way up to 89 degrees in your home if you want to and I’m going to show you on this gauge here too so I have this set it’s reading the temperature in the room right now so it’s 60 degrees but if I touch down here you can see I actually have it set to 61 to try to cool this big vast room now when I hold this gauge up it’s going to start to go down you can see right here 55 degrees and going down is the actual air that’s forcing out of here so it’s super cool air but it’s pulling that moisture out too because you know you and I talked about it here there’s nothing worse than being in a room that’s cool but clammy I know that’s what we were saying I mean this obviously is a huge warehouse yes but in your home you don’t want it yesterday it was so cold in here and it was that damp cold so it was so uncomfortable the goal from Honeywell who’s been doing this for years as far as you know the air conditioners and heating our homes and taking good care of us and delivering quality is you’re getting something that’s manageable by yourself by the way you get the cover the cutter which I love too and this is I’ve never seen an air-conditioner portable cooling system like this that cover and it seems like something so simple but it’s protecting the unit plus I’ll turn it around and show you there’s lots of little pockets on the back so all of those pose connection you know with a bracket for the window you have another side pocket over here for your remote all of your pieces are here so they’re stored on board you know where they are and you’re not searching for those pieces year after year exactly my parents have used theirs now for years and that’s the beauty of a day of it upstairs and they live in an older home they don’t have central air this also might not be a bad idea I mean I live in a home with central air but it’s not zone so my bedroom is the hottest because it’s above the garage everywhere else it’s cold so I’m cranking out any more than I need the thing is Pat why pay to cool your entire helmet we don’t need to this is absolutely you can use in the rooms I can show you up here now this one I plugged in but we have a feather touch le LED display here so you can just touch it I left the stickers on because when it comes to you the sticker is going to be on top there’s also going to be a sticker on the unit below to show you how to install but you can take this off you’ve got the power you’ve got the three different modes again this is cooling dehumidifier and a fan you’ve got the different temperature displays and the fan speeds so three different fan speeds low medium and high so you can you know do whatever temperature you’re most comfortable with and that’s the beauty of it as far as the plug do I need any kind of special duct no this is going to me we have a plan into a normal extension cord going into a regular outlet too and this is going to go right into your home that’s exactly right plus you’re getting the remote to a genuine toy and the batteries for the remote I know so really they thought of everything and you know this is where like you said one room is always a little bit warmer than another so even if you have central air you can use this for with the kids room the playroom I know a lot of people have use them in their garages I know my garage isn’t heated or cooled but people like to work out yeah if you’re one of those guys that love to do that work out there you can have this in I’ve heard people taking them all over the place because they’re completely portable on the casters so you can spend it you know you can go ahead and continue and just suffer through summer with a fan that’s going to blow cold damp air on you all night long right or you can go ahead and invest and change a month pay it off over six months and get a brand name listen if we’re asking you to spend you want to go to the best and Honeywell is that name that we’ve trusted for years absolutely they really have they’ve been in the business for over a hundred years Heating and Cooling I know I was talking to you about it one of my old houses I had was built in the forties and had that traditional dial Honeywell that they’re so iconic for you know they’re a company that really strives to make life better to be innovative to come up with new solutions and this really is the best of the best if you want to get an air conditioner you want to have one that works that’s dependable that you can trust and that’s what you’re going to get with the Honeywell brand and the nice thing is we give you 30 days you either love it or if you return it you didn’t have to put out the you only paid your first installment and we want to make sure you’re happy that’s the beauty of it comes with everything yeah comes with the air conditioner unit 10,000 BTUs the remote even comes with two triple A batteries all the installation accessories the offseason storage bag with all the places so that you put everything you keep it together you use it year after year after year and you see how easy it is to move around you just need to move it near a plug and has to be near a window and then you don’t have to worry about your dehumidifier right you can use it with the fan if it’s like sort of cool enough and you don’t really need right everybody sure and then when your your window it’s replacing all of that green one technology from Honeywell which is a great brand these really are the answer they are so much the less out there agreed whether you live in an apartment or assisted living.

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