KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Black Friday Deals 2019

In this article, we review KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Black Friday Deals 2019. Lets! check out the latest update and features of this product.

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Black Friday Deals 2019

KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Black Friday Deals 2019

Today we’re doing another review for hiking boots and today we have a keen Turkey to men’s hiking boots so if you are in a rush and you don’t have enough time to watch the whole review great boot by it but one thing keep in mind get at least half a size bigger, unfortunately, I found this boots to be not exactly a true size at least compared to all the other boots that I have tried

I’ve tried quite a lot of them normally I buy size 10 for hiking boots and it’s a little bit larger than usual usually I get all my sneakers all my shoes at size 9 9 and 1/2 and if you know if you’re experienced hiker you know that you need to get boots that are at least half a size larger than your regular size because you know whenever you’re going down the hill for example it’s important to have that extra space right here so that you’re not heating you know the the front of the toe so with this boot I get the size 10 as usual but they are actually small not even you know not even exactly the size but small so for me I would probably need to get 511 for me to be able to fit into this boot okay so if you have enough time for the whole review let’s get into it so this is you know this boots reviews I’m doing as a part of my survival boot ultimate survival boots so we are actually the judgment that we’re making is a little bit tougher than your regular review so here we’re going to be reviewing on eight different criterias so the very first one is going to be walking running length comfort obviously very important one second one is going to be the stuff proof how many different things this boots are proof number three is going to be the quality number four is going to be the sole grip slip resistance number five the temperature to cool to hot number six long activity how long will they last you number seven is going to be the balance of application which is specific to our ultimate survival board application okay let’s get into it number one walking running comfort so for this particular criteria I did the test it was the five-mile walk and the three-mile run I would do longer if I could not a very good runner so okay so whenever it comes to comfort this boots are pretty comfortable the only thing is I had to update the size guys like I said size tan which is normally a little bit bigger for me that needs to be size tan and this one’s was actually small so I had to upgrade them to size 11 other than that whenever it comes to the comfort they are pretty comfortable to wear they are pretty comfortable to running the sole I wish it was a little bit bend here if it was there would have been a breeze to run in but because it is a little bit steep it can be a little bit hard to run in them Atlee especially whenever it comes to long distances you know because whenever you have the bendy sole it’s easier to properly run without putting too much pressure on your knees but after about a mile run I started feeling you know a little bit too much stress on my knees so I wish that was a little better now whatever it comes to the weight I think they did a really good job with the weight and that’s probably one of the main reasons why it is the you know it is so comfortable to run and wear them for a very long time is because they are very lightweight especially considering that they do have extra protection on the toe and extra protection here on the hill of course that takes up some of the weight but I think it’s a really good balance I think I think it’s important to have especially for hiking if you’re doing and of course you know you would understand for survival boots you want to have some extra protection so a pretty good job over there okay so stuff proof now this boots are waterproof I think it’s great you know survival boots need to be waterproof as perfect and of course for hacking situations you know depending on where you hike I think it’s extra cool feature to you know to have your boots as waterproof you know if you’re going through a creek or you know hiking in the rain great stuff okay it’s number three is the quality uh if you’re gonna look at the reviews on this now I didn’t have them for a very long time probably for about two weeks but if you check out the reviews on Amazon I and I included the link in the description below you will be surprised they’re almost five stars more than 2000 reviews pretty amazing now not a lot of boots especially not a lot of hiking boots have their many good reviews so judging by the reviews quality wise they definitely last the definitely good quality they feel like a good quality to and you know usually I don’t concentrate that much on the way they look because you know survival bows who cares how they look as long as they’re practical as long as they last you as long as they are light and you can run and walk in different applications who in this boot doesn’t really matter right but notice how cool this boots look like I just I just you know whenever I saw them I was like wow this is probably the coolest looking hiking boot probably just as cool as Salomon if you if you heard if you I did the review on those on the new GTX check them out pretty cool boots ooh very comparable but much cheaper but we’ll get to that in this particular color is actually Raven Raven Raven tortoise shell yeah weird name for a color but yeah yeah that they have they have quite a few different color options actually I think on Amazon you can find five they’re slate there is tan which are like two different variations of kind of like tannish color and then there is this one raven there is shitake for shiitake mushroom I guess and then there’s black Olaf and there are variations of dark or brown colors if you’re interested to check them out okay so let’s go into I think one of the most important ones whenever it comes to the survival boots and hiking boots together is the sole grip slip resistance now I think this sole is very versatile I think it was very indifferent because you can see that there are the parts of the soul where there are pretty flat surfaces which are good for slip resistance on surfaces like for example tile or oily oily surfaces so this is going to be pretty good on those but at the same time you can also see the aggressive grooves on the sole which are going to be good on muddy roads on sandy roads on rocky roads wet grass for example it’s not going to be slippery and of course the snowy and icy roads now this will be pretty good I would say not aggressive enough for you know straight up ice for example because for those who you need really really aggressive but at the same time if you have too aggressive of a soul then you’re not gonna do very good on muddy and cyndi surfaces why because mud and sand they tend to get into those aggressive grooves and of course your boot becomes heavier and slippery too so I think it’s a very good balance it’s a very good balanced application I think it’s very important for both for hiking situations and for you know survival in general and whenever I talk about survival you know I mean if anything bad happened you know a catastrophic Astra fee I always a catastrophic my accent but you know what evolution or whatever whatever whatever doomsday scenario you can come up with and it was the last if it was the last boot or shoe you know it doesn’t have to be a boot that you would put on and go out of your house and walk for miles run for miles whatever and where for you know days weeks which boot would that be this is what we’re trying to find here basically this is what the ultimate survival boot is and I’m assuming this is going to be a boot and not a regular shoe not a classical shoes for obvious reasons okay okay so let’s get into the temperature now I live in Florida I was running in these in 90 degrees temperature so I had a good test for hot temperatures they weren’t too hot the ventilation is pretty good you can see the porous surface that they have here the ankle and of course this material here is sort of pores so of course in ninety degrees it was hot but not you know not deadly hot like some of the winter boots that I have reviewed before on this channel not not as bad so it’s pretty good at the same time of course they will be pretty warm again not as warm as for example insulated winter boots specifically for cold temperatures so again it’s a good balance again it depends on where you live you live in very cold temperatures probably want to look into winter boots but but if you live somewhere you know really anywhere in the US this this is gonna be pretty good because it’s a good balance so number six is long activity kind of long activity is the same as quality if you review the reviews if you review the reviews if you check the reviews on Amazon you will see that there are people who had this boot for years and they’re commenting and saying that they lasted very well so out of you know out of five five out of five for longer DVD cuts I can’t really commend all that much because I only had them for two weeks but judging by the reviews pretty good okay definitely the most important part of ultimate survival boot category is balance of application meaning that you know obviously if it’s a survival boot you’re gonna run out of your home you’re gonna run four miles you’re gonna walk four miles it’s going to be different roads different applications crossing the creeks crossing the sandy places the wet grass whatever you get the point hot temperatures cold temperatures all of this combined that balance of application I think this boot perform very very well whenever it comes to this they’re lightweight so you can run and walk in there without that much you know effort the only complaint that I have is I wish this was a little bit busier a little bit less stiff more flexible bunch of synonyms but but overall I think they did very well whenever it comes to the soul whenever it comes to the temperature and of course the extra that you get is a waterproof so that’s that’s a really nice thing to have as well okay one more thing to mention here usually I skip it but the hardware here is it’s not it’s not metal so if you’re wondering it’s not metal it’s actually a heavy duty plastic so that’s another little complain now I have not seen anyone in the review section saying that it broke or anything like that but I think it was worth you know mentioning because honestly I wish it was you know metal what are they called you know whenever they make the holes because here you you actually have the piece of material holding the strings and I wish the hooks were metal but at the same time you know if you put metal hardware on the boots of course it will add some additional weight so that’s that’s sort of you know it can go both ways alright number eight is for this particular ones is hundred bucks which i think is really really good because you know on this channel I have reviewed boots in the 200 and I have reviewed boots in the 50s and 70s so I think it’s a really good balance between whenever it comes to the you get a lot of different features it’s waterproof it has extra protection on the toe on the ankle they are pretty light they do look pretty cool which again is not really important but nevertheless it’s nice to have nice-looking boots all right why not if you can get them nice why not depends on the size of course and on the color on the availability because that’s Amazon you know how it works but I will attach the link in the description below and you can check it out to see the updated so overall out of 10 I give it a solid seven I think that’s a pretty good good I would give it more if they were a little bit more accurate with the sizing I think it’s pretty important but not really that much big of a deal because you know in the world that we live in today we can buy we can try and if you know we need a different size we can just return without paying anything extra and get the correct I so not that big of a deal other than that I think great boots if you’re buying them for hiking you’re gonna love them if you are buying them for hiking I do have a few more cool hiking boots that I already done the reviews on on this channel so check them out specifically check out boots from Columbia and check out boots from Salomon Columbia is a little cheaper Salomon is a little bit more expensive but you know you might like one more than the other and I definitely definitely recommend checking them out.

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