Kenmore 81414 400 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Black Friday Deals 2019

In this article, we will show you complete of Kenmore 81414 400 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Black Friday Deals 2019. This post keep you updated with latest features.

Kenmore 81414 400 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Black Friday Deals 2019

Kenmore 81414 400 Series Pet Friendly Vacuum Black Friday Deals 2019

Last weekend I got a new vacuum cleaner and I am going to do a product review on it this is a Kenmore I guess I should have been more prepared right this is the current model of course they no longer go by names like progressive and elite and intuition I don’t know if it’s the reason because they’re now a new manufacturer so let me just kind of like go through this right quick Kimmo vacuum cleaners were for years made by Panasonic Panasonic it’s why they’re one of the best by the way Panasonic recently sold their vacuum division I read to another company I forget the name of that company to a lot of help I am right I don’t know and I’m hoping that they’re not they have done some collaborations in the past with LG LG is kind of a brand I really don’t like LG I know people think LG is a high-end brand but it’s really not anybody that’s familiar I’ve been around for a while might remember the brand in the 80s called that was a Korean brand called um gold star well LG stands for lucky gold star they had a name change I guess to kind of hide their reputation I’m surprised they don’t call them you know LH for like lucky Hyundai because basically gold star was to the electronics market what in the 80s what Hyundai was in the 1980s and if you remember Hyundai’s from the 1980s we’re talking rolling garbage cans and that’s an insult to garbage cans okay so let me start off by saying right quick this is not a brand new vacuum cleaner I never buy my vacuum cleaners well rarely do I provide my vacuum cleaners um brand new this was actually the display model what happened was I was at Sears for something completely different and this model was on sale for like that goes on sale 249 it was cheaper than what it normally is and I overheard a customer wanting to buy one but they said we’re sorry we’re out of stock bla bla bla bla well whenever I hear that or I know that Sears mostly will sell you the display model and if it doesn’t have an a disc really good discount and especially if they can’t find the box and the the tools and stuff to it are I’m sorry the the manuals and stuff to it but all the manuals from anything Kenmore I don’t know about any other Ram before Kim Morris can all be downloaded so that’s not a big deal so I just said to the guy I go what would you sell the display model well anyway bottom line even on sale it was 249 they sold me the display model for so I got a basically like a brand new vacuum cleaner the only thing is it has a little bit of a scuff on the head it’s got a scuff on the head but it still has the original test bag in it and it had no dirt in it so it hadn’t even like touched the floor now I really wasn’t in the market for a new vacuum cleaner but of course when I heard it was on sale and I kind of have been thinking toying with you know getting another vacuum maybe like to replace the the bagless Kenmore progressive that I have now I did a review on on the mic in more progressive bagless and I really do like the vacuum cleaner in the sense that I’ve had good luck with it it’s about 4 years old it gets put through its paces you know on a daily basis between me the housekeeper all the prints I don’t even think would know what the hell to do with the vacuum cleaner I’ll tell him what he could do with this sometimes but you know for as much uses again it’s been great but I’m kind of getting over the whole bag thing you know some people love bagless but you know okay so I don’t know how much of this unit is still a Panasonic you know I know that like I said they soldered their vacuum division to this other company and I don’t know if they took sold everything to it there’s some things about it that feel like a typical Kenmore / Panasonic canister but then there are some things that kinda are not what I mean by that is I mean the hoe still basically feels like every other can more progressive or you know you can for that I what were they whisper tones or whatever the controls the things I’ll shave this is it still takes bang tech see this is the HEPA bag that comes with it cloth HEPA bags this is a big thick ass bag which is like even thicker than what the older Kenmore even though the same size older Kenmore HEPA bags were like I’ll show you this is one that I used to have from another one and this is a lot thinner it says certified heparins HEPA pepper pepper a certified ham from their Betty certified HEPA but it’s a lot thinner it’s the kind of picker II I never really had an issue and usually on but my last progressive that I had it was still clean inside you know that’s a sign that your bag isn’t filtering very well if you know there’s dust in the back compartment means it’s escaping somehow and it’s gonna come to the exhaust this is the typical HEPA filter like I said the design is basically the same it’s one of these little cartridge things with the seal with the seal going around it Kenmore vacuum cleaners regardless of what all the stupid vacuum videos and stuff and the salesman at the vacuum stores like to tell you Ken Wars always get extremely high marks they’re always the highest rated vacuums in Consumer Reports especially in the filtration so I don’t know like what they do with this silly little light little dust particle things where the Ken Wars always fail I do know that one of the videos I saw from my go vacuum comm they did a Kenmore one and you could tell it didn’t even have a bat it was an older style and I didn’t even have a bag in it to filter they just hooked it right up to the thing and you could see there was a part where the guy pulled out the hose and you could see that there was no bag in there not that I’d paid that close of attention to close attention to it but whatever this being the display model one of the drawbacks was aside from not having a manual it didn’t come with any of the tent it still had this attachment on there this is the floor attachment because on the back it had that but he didn’t have any of the other attachments but the kid was cool as hell and he actually stole attachments off of another one that was on display also has the cord retractor like like I said it’s got a good feel to it it’s a solid feeling machine it doesn’t have a cheap plastic II feel like Bissell’s and Hoover I said one time you saw a display next to it I a hoover windtunnel and it was a lot more money and it just had that cheap and I’m gonna cheap Dirt Devil II Hoover feel to it this definitely feels like it yeah this is as good as vacuum you know Panasonic and Kenmore vacuum cleaners of the past you still see like 10 20 year old ones still going strong as long as you’re good at maintenance wise on him he also gave me the little pet power me this has got a motor inside of it this isn’t like one of those stupid wind turbine II kind of things it’s like next to worthless so you know I hope you go Julio’s not gonna get fired because I mean but he pulled this off of another vacuum I didn’t really pull up the look to see if usually these with the higher and Kenmore canister vacuums this usually comes with them this is second from the base model the base model when they have is like a burnt it looks just like this but it’s a burnt orange and it has a different like a cheaper wand and it’s shorter I’m not a super tall guy but I am 6 feet tall and I had a white progressive canister that I hated it was a good vacuum except it was like four midgets it didn’t have the telescopic wand and I ended up selling it on Craigslist almost for exactly how much I paid for so this is the handle it comes of course with the the straight section or the floor nozzle and this this is a handle like I said it this is the section control it’s got the electronic session control I kind of mixed feelings about that because I know that if one of these handles fails it’s usually has to do it’s one of the higher up electronic ones like this I’ve never had one that fails but I know I’ve heard people bitch about them in the past now one thing I want to tell you about this this vacuum right off the bat it’s not it’s not noisy it’s not obnoxious but it’s not as quiet and it doesn’t feel as refined as past sorry past 10 more progressives so it’s also a smaller size even though it’s got the same 12 amp motor in it basically it um I think that that’s kind of what they the trade off they tried to make it smaller more maneuverable they tried to make it more like I guess like trendy like emil uh whatever here’s another thing you should notice and this really surprised me too it no longer has a light in the powerhead so I don’t even know there’s like I said the burnt orange one which is the base model there’s this one and then there’s a purple one that is a little bit higher up I don’t know if that one has a light like I said I wasn’t in the market for so I didn’t do a lot of research and I’m not really that much of a vacuum kind of freak I don’t know the specs of stuff unless it’s something that just I absolutely hate Shakira so let me go change this and I’m just so sick anyway so uh where were we I don’t remember Oh anyway I don’t know if the purple one comes with a headlight I mean that’s not that big of a deal I guess but you know so these are the two power heads this is the two of progressive they still fur I mean years and years and years they use this same kind of a a head having them side by side they look very very similar they have the same you know click pedal or no that’s called height adjustment the brush rolls the same chevron pattern and they both are wooden brush rolls on the bottom they look the same so I’m pretty sure that they are exactly the same it’s probably just a newer version so I don’t know why they took away the light but like I said it’s it’s not that big a deal they actually sound the same when they’re being run this one there’s advertise that you never have to change the belt but as much use as this has had for years and I mean like getting banged around and drove around and used all the time I’ve never had to change the belt in that I did take the vacuum in to get a tune-up one time and he took the belt instead it was fine so but if you have a vacuum any vacuum that’s gonna built take it into your vacuum store every couple you know maybe once a year at least they’re not expensive change the belt change the belt I homies you are in for a treat because I’m gonna let you watch me vacuum you know I’m going to get some freak show that’s gonna say we want to see you vacuum and use the attachments while you’re doing it lick your lips you know some freaks you out there come on don’t be frightened you so one thing it would be nice to have is I wish they had that you know the three caster wheels like to hire anyone we do but you know it’s not a deal-breaker in that off maybe it is I don’t see myself ever using because I never did on the other ones the actual to our nozzle although it might be a little easier like get under dining room chairs and get some chairs and stuff like that but I can only do that onlineĀ  like chin see I’ve never tried it out okay so I do want to say that um I think the biggest criticism that I have so far is I really don’t like this bare floor tool I don’t know it just it just now this feels cheap like a Hoover or whatever and it kind of unless you hold it like down lower like this person it works it just you know kind of feels like an afterthought I homie so the final verdict on the Kenmore you know it’ll be in the in the title or whatever this kenmore canister vacuum cleaner I think is yes I think it’s a good buy it runs like I said it was on sale for 249 but it usually runs about 299 I think that’s a good if it stands up like other Kenmore’s you know previous kenmore canister vacuum cleaners I mean it’s something it’s not like a throwaway Walmart vacuum cleaner no I’m saying that you you get rid of after a year or whatever because it has died or it just like slowly dies I think this has the potential it’s got good build quality that you know isn’t that much if you consider if you get 10 years out of it so and I think that that’s the max anybody should ask Adam a vacuum but if you look in previous videos of mine I have Panasonic made Kenmore vacuum cleaners that are like twenty thirty I even have one that’s like over 40 years old so I mean it was way before I was born anyway so this would be thumbs up where’s my thumb there we go thumbs up on this one I think like I said it’s a good vacuum cleaner.

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