Nakamichi Shockwafe Soundbar Black Friday Deals 2019 (Updated Today)

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Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4Ch Soundbar System Black Friday Deals 2019

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4Ch Soundbar System Black Friday Deals 2019

This article is all about for the Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4Ch Soundbar System Black Friday Deals 2019. Check out the latest update.

new sound bar for your own theater or living room setup then you definitely need to watch this video before you click that Buy button because I’m gonna introduce you to the King Kong of sound bars coming right up yo what up guys ass colony from CH gadgets in this video

I’m gonna tell you why chose the Nakamichi shockwave ultra 9.2 sambhar over five different choices of the best of the best sun bars on the market in 2019 that offers double vision Dalby at most and DTS x full disclosure before we get started i want to establish one thing and that is in this video I’m gonna give you as much useful information as you may need so that you can make an informed purchase decision which means that this is gonna be a full comprehensive review however at the end of this video you’re gonna have no doubt in your mind if this thing’s worth your hard-earned cash or if you just weren’t thrown in the trash so here’s a list with a few of the things that we’re gonna cover in this video what’s in the box basically what you get for the money design and build which is basically self explanatory ease of use and function which means that I’m gonna tell you how easy it is to set it up out of the box plus we’re gonna do a walk-through with a few of the key functions and features and see what’s up sound quality and delivery which is also basically self-explanatory we also want to know how does it compare we want to know how does this stack up against some of the best of the best in the market in 2019 if you decide to get the shockwave ultra 9.2 which I highly suggest that you should seriously consider it this is why you should expect inside the box 145 inch sound bar that is also the brains behind this operation along with two sides surround speakers as well as two rear surround speakers and two powerful 10-inch wireless subwoofers.

Now the total power output of the system is an insane 1000 watts divided across 18 different drivers that are capable of producing about a hundred and ten decibels of sound which means that this thing can get almost as loud as a jet engine and trust me this thing can get really loud as a matter of fact whenever we’re watching movies my auntie gets so scared sometimes she runs straight in the room shut the door she said it’s too powerful we get any more on that later you also get a ridiculous amount of hardware and accessories for different mounting options I like how this sambar look it has a really nice angular design that is both for aesthetics as well as for function from what I can tell it’s made from some real high-quality materials with a metal grille and it feels surprisingly sturdy and premium in the hands on the top above the Nakamichi logo is where you’ll find a few basic controls there’s a power button basically turn it on and off you already know that a source button for selecting your input a demo button that puts the sambar in a test mode that plays different frequencies on each channel so that you can know which channels are working so when you flip it around to the back that’s where you will find all the ports you have three HDMI import and the HDMI arc out port to the TV that is compatible with Darby vision hdcp 2.2 and 4k HDR pass-through there’s also an optical port and aux port coaxial along with a USB service port that also doubles as immediate playback and last but not least power port the dual rare and dual surround sound speakers also feels really good they might not feel as premium as the Sun bar itself they also don’t feel cheap and the dual subwoofer also feels solid and really well made now if you have more than one media device that supports Dolby Atmos it’s recommended that you pour everything through the sound bar so it can do all the audio decoding and then pass the video through to the TV when you first take it out of the box the setup is really simple especially if you follow the instruction manual just make sure you can make all you needed advice to the sound bar via the HDMI IN then connect your Sun bar to the TV via HDMI out and then try to figure out where you’re gonna place your subwoofers because you’re gonna have to connect your side surround and your rear surround speakers to your right and your left subwoofer so I would suggest that you place them on either side of the main seating area since that’s where the duo can deliver the most slam impacting pressure once you have those all set up just can make you sambar to the power outlet along with your two subwoofers also need your own separate power outlet since they are wireless and just switch them on and let them pair now since no two room have the same layout this is a point where you would play one of your favorite movies let’s say spider-man so you can get a sense of where exactly you want to place your surround sound speakers dead adjust them accordingly and you’re good to go so this is the part where I have set a question how does this sound well it’s a little more complex than that it’s not just how does this sound it’s more like how does it feel the powerful subwoofer along with the surround speakers and do a subwoofer create an incredible soundstage that transforms your living room into an IMAX theater well minus the big giant screen well unless you have a big giant screen in your house but a sound sound is definitely IMAX and I’m not just being an eyepiece this thing works like magic the sambar wood it’s six forward-facing drivers and it’s to side firing tweeters project with it insane accuracy and clarity in its sound reproduction and the side and rear surround speakers also has more clarity and depth to the immersion what kind of low-key makes you lose a sense of awareness when you’re watching movies the subwoofer also delivers some really low rumbling bass with some overwhelming slamming impact I’m talking about the kind of bass that makes everything in the room shake I’m serious I mean the scary kind of shake like the walls are coming down this is why like I mentioned earlier whenever we start watching movies my Honda Yuna gets so scared from the rumbling bass that she heads straight to a room locked the door but on the flip side this is the exact reason why my cousin’s always want to come over every weekend and all the time and watch movies however you do have the option on the remote to adjust the gain on the bass to whatever you’re comfortable with we’re just crazy we like what the walls come down so while I was researching on theater and some bars I discovered that it’s much better to have it do a subwoofer with you’re settled then just one and here’s why whatever you go to the movies and use multiple subwoofers to reproduce a powerful bass effect that often pulls it deeper inside the movie in the story which is one of the reasons why you keep buying movie tickets and going back and again because you want that experience and this kind of experience it’s almost impossible to replicate what the single subwoofers some bars that are on the market today because while they sound good they’re not great they can’t recreate that cinema experience that you’ve gotten used to in love with a single sub and the main reason for this is a single sub suffered from what is called localization and this is where the bass sounds slightly detached while you’re watching the movie which means that you can easily discern which direction the bass frequency is coming from or where in the room the subwoofers located and this is where the problem lies because bass is supposed to be omnidirectional which means that you’re not supposed to localize it in a room but when you have dual subwoofers it adds another layer of depth to the sound stage and you have decreased localization which means it’s almost impossible for you to pinpoint where exactly in the room the bass is coming from because it feels like it’s coming from all around you and you right there in the middle of the action plus two subs can always play louder than one and the bottom line is with dual subwoofers especially when you have two massive 10 inch subwoofers like this you get more slam impacting pressure what is the thing that makes it so exciting when you go to the movies and this is why the shock wave ultra is such a great Dobby Atmos sambar because the technology can use these loudspeakers along with a dual subwoofer and manipulate them in 3d space to position sounds all around you and create a realistic and compelling cinema experience in your home alright just check out this demo this is Dolby Atmos first object based cinematic with powerful moving audio the transcendence from chalice moving around you with pinpoint accuracy whether the soundscape system captures the full extent of nature’s fury if you told somebody that you’re looking to buy a sound bar and you want to know the top two some bars on the market that you should consider the list would probably go something like this the Samsung HW and 50 the Sony SD 5000 these are some of the best and they’re at the top of the food chain but this is out it Nakamichi shockwave ultra 9.2 stack up against these other sound bars ok so let’s take a really quick look at this PowerPoint chart that I have with all three sound bars lined up so on the left side of the chart is where I have a few important categories that we’re gonna use to evaluate each sound bar and those categories are as follow costs basically how much money do you spend in comparison to what you receive positive feedback which means that we look at a few authentic reviews from a few different places so that we can have a general idea of what most people think how many Channel does it offer what’s the total power output of the system how many hardiest standard does it support such as Dolby Atmos DTS X how many visual standards that is support such as 4k HDR Dolby vision etc how many subwoofers do each system off how many surround speakers do you get with the package and last but not least HDMI standards imports by the way you can research all this information on each product perspective site it may take you a few hours but if you don’t have any time for that you can always come back to this video and check out my chart ok so if we look at the first category which is the cost as you can see the shockwave ultra cost 1000 versus the Samson that is the Sony ST 5000 so if you look real quick at some of the reviews across the web on basically Best Buy in Amazon you can see I stack up the shockwave vulture usually get about 4.8 to 4.7 stars on each in comparison to 4.3 4.5 4.6 to 4.0 across different websites with each different some bars alright so we quit down to the channels how many channels do they offer well the shockwave ultra offers nine point two point four while the Samsung Sony 7.1 seven point two respectively as far as power output you can see where they’re Nakamichi shockwave ultra offers 1000 watts at 110 decibels while the Samsung which gives you only 5 million 12 watts and the Sony ST 5000 offers 800 watts now in terms of audio standard as you can see the shockwave ultra also supports Dolby Atmos DTS X and a few other standards but those are the major ones likewise the Samsung offers the same the Sun EST 5000 offers the same now as far as visual standard as you can see the shockwave ultra and the sony st 5000 and the samsung HW in 50 that offers both 4k HDR and dolby vision now when it comes to subwoofer as you can see the shockwave ultra is the only one in this category that offers two 10 inch subwoofers while most offer 8 so if it’s important to you to have a lot of bass when you’re watching a movie then you know you only have one option now when it comes to surround speakers as you can see the shockwave ultra gives you four speakers while most give you only two and some gives you none as far as HDMI standards and ports as you can see the shockwave ultra offers three ports in along with the Sony ST 5001 are out while most other in this category only offers two now it’s important to you to have a lot of ports because you have a lot of different media streaming devices Xbox Playstation then you know you only I have two options in this list so overall as you can see the shockwave ultra 9.2 offers great value with quality and performance in comparison to what it costs now I’m not going to tell you that it’s the best of all because best is such a relative word but what I can tell you it’s the best for me right now and the performance has exceeded my expectations okay so here’s a few caveats I want to leave you with before I go right after you set it up out of the box the first thing you need to do is tap that demo button on the sound bar so you can know if you connect everything correctly and just like anything in life there are a few trade-offs that you’re gonna have to deal with when you buy this sambar and use a quick list with a few of the ones that I’ve noticed number one there is no on screen display on a TV whenever you’re navigating to some bar settings so the only way for you to see what you’re doing is to look on the small LED panel at the front of the sambar itself which can be a little challenging if you’re sitting all the way across the living room and number two the surround speakers are not completely wireless like I mentioned earlier you have to connect them to the left and right subwoofer the good thing is you don’t have to run any cables across the entire living room from your sound bar to your surround speakers however you still have to deal with a few extra set of wires coming from the back of your subwoofer to use surround speakers and number three just remember that these are two massive tennant subwoofers which means that they have a really large footprint so if you want that earth-shaking bass Dan you’re gonna have two massive human sized speakers taking over your living room like the way into rock Johnson and his twin brother and number four there is no built-in Wi-Fi functionality with this Sun bar so you won’t be able to use your favorite music streaming services such as Apple music Spotify title Amazon music Google music open door and natively however if you’re not an audience knob you can still stream your music via bluetooth which may resolved in a bit more audio compression versus streaming via Wi-Fi directly from the source so there it is you have way more information than I did before I got this system in the house but now that you know everything there is to know what are you gonna do with this information the choice is ultimately yours but if you want one for yourself.

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