Onkyo TX-NR676 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver Black Friday Deals 2019

In this article, we will show you the complete of Onkyo TX-NR676 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver Black Friday Deals 2019. This post keeps you updated with the latest features.

Onkyo TX-NR676 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver Black Friday Deals 2019

Onkyo TX-NR676 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver Black Friday Deals 2019

We’re going to be reviewing the onkyo TX NR 676 it’s a budget AV receiver that handles Dolby Atmos and DTS X we’re gonna get into it right after the jump and I’m back now if you’re new to the channel and you want to learn about 4k home theater and audio products

how to set them up properly you should consider subscribing because I’m here to help and don’t forget to hit that Bell so you get notified when I do a live stream and answer your questions or when the next video gets released well now that that housekeeping is out of the way let’s get into it so we’re talking about the onkyo TX NR 676 now this is a budget range AV receiver that I picked it up a few months ago for 349 and now it’s down to like so I’ll put links down in the description for sure so you guys can check that out now since I’ve had it the newer version the 686 has been released and I’m pretty sure and I think the main difference is that it provides or it has THX certification so if that’s something that’s important to you definitely check out the 686 links down just so first things first we’re going to get into a little bit of setup you definitely have to know that with the setup microphone for the onkyo again you got to plug it in for it to enter the speaker calibration menu and once we go from there it was actually pretty standard you know test tones being fired at you you also want to make sure everything’s nice and quiet but once it once through all that it gives you like a little profile now one thing that disturbed me was that it had set the main speakers to full band and I’m still using the SPS 5.15 satellite speakers for this review so I was kind of confused by this because it didn’t let me select it so after a bunch of moving around like I went to speaker configuration and it went from five point one point two took that all the way down to like two point one then brought it back up to five point one point two and then I went back into crossovers and there it was I was able to change it and I said it’s eight now this is kind of weird and not sure if it was a bug or something that always happens but that was my worker now Onkyo uses a system called a cue EQ so let’s see how well it did on measuring the distances from the main listening position where the microphone was to the individual speakers so it looks like we’re very about half a foot on these measurements surround left was right on surround right was just about there now this kind of thing happens and that’s why I always recommend to get a laser measure so you can actually measure from the main listening position each and every one of your speakers you just point it at the speaker and you hit measure single dot there dick could be the measurement I’ll put a link down in the description to the one I got from Amazon it’s cheap spent 30 bucks or whatever anyway I went back in and change the distances and made sure the volumes or the levels weren’t boosted up to high everything was pretty flat and on park meaning the levels weren’t up or down level on the subwoofer I cranked just a couple notches because hey just like my t-shirt says if you can see it it says we need more space down you can’t see it sorry I know alright so one of the biggest things about these new AV receivers is that you want to know about HDR pass through so I have confirmed that this Onkyo can’t support three formats of HDR HDR 10 dolby vision and HL g so this APR will pass through all those HDR signals to your TV for dolby vision i use the valerian 4k Ultra High Definition disc in the Oppo UDP 203 I got the Dolby vision logo in the upper right hand corner for testing HDR 10 I used the 4k uhd disc of John week 2 and it’s great and it works and we get the HDR logo when John wick comes on so next I had to test out HL g support so to do this I use the YouTube app in the LG u BK 90 as it supports HL g I went to the HDR channel and ran my favorite demo it happens to be a TCL demo and there you go we don’t get an H LG logo in the upper right hand corner because it is just a standard format of HDR so we just get the standard looking HDR symbol so it’s really cool to know that an AVR at this point will actually support those three formats of HDR pretty cool all right let’s move on all right so the next thing we’re going to talk about is music playback now with most of these receivers you do get a lot of streaming options and the best way to navigate all that is to download the app so I downloaded the onkyo controller app and I gotta say I think this one might be a little bit better than Yamahas in the app I believe title and Pandora are native to the app meaning in the Yamaha app we actually had to like open up the apps in the background and then use the Yamaha controller app to you know make those work now the same thing happens with both companies in regards to Spotify you do have to go to your iPad in my case iPad open up Spotify and then it’ll link back into the onkyo controller app so a little bit of weird functionality with Spotify but that seems to be the norm however title and Pandora worked just fine natively in the onkyo controller app and I got to say pretty cool app really robust and very easy to control the AV receiver with the app and when you’re listening to music you don’t want to turn on your TV to see the display I mean I played a Michael Jackson flak from thumb drive and it worked fine and here’s what the display looks like so you can actually see what’s on the front but you know it’s a little too small and if your AV receivers on the other side of the room you know you’re not going to see what song it is although you shouldn’t be knowing what song it is you’re playing it for anyway I like the app it’s great works well on an iPad I didn’t really try it on my phone because I know that it’s just gonna be a better experience on the iPad so if you do pick up this ABR definitely check out the onkyo controller app I say it’s great I went through a whole bunch of different files and they all work great black DSD native support it works on this low end of an AVR and that kind of blows my mind and you know hey thumbs up on yo good job on that and so how does it sound well you know with these budget AV receivers power is you know kind of the issue so getting over the fact that I have to turn the volume pretty much 70% 75% to get a good sound when I was there it sounded great okay completely room filling sound and if you guys seen my other video my living room is like this open floor plan nonsense vaulted ceiling slanty ceiling thingamajig so I’ve got about 3800 cubic feet I think is what I measured from the other video that I made so it is a big room and it’s kind of hard to get a lot of sound so it was great that you know yeah we had to jack it up a little bit but that kind of goes with the of this AV receiver so you know if you’re looking in this budget range just know that they’re not gonna have too much power even in a two channel listening environment you do have to jack it up quite a bit the volume that is jacking up the volume okay so that’s like the one kind of thing about it but hey you know this thing’s got a lot of great features alright so let’s get into the pros and cons biggest Pro phono stage not too many AV receivers at this have a phono stage so that is pretty awesome okay are you vinyl lovers out there I know vinyl is making a huge comeback and even best buy started getting rid of all their CDs and they’re gonna bring in vinyl so very interesting twist of events here huh now another big Pro is the quick menu so when you’re watching TV or watching a movie or whatever you press the menu button and a little menu pops up and here you can change the bass and the treble really quickly you can change other things like the volume of the center channel the level of the subwoofer and something really cool you can go in and change the AV sync so if you’re having some AV sync issues you can go in and change it really quickly so big Pro right there is that little quick menu so you don’t have to do all kinds of menu diving just to change the bass just turn it down a little bit or turn it up because we need more bass right and of course the third big Pro is the onkyo controller app like I said before I recommend using this with an iPad so if you have a big or bigger tablet laying around you know something bigger than an iPhone or whatever your smart phone is using that for the app now I have this real weird quirk I guess it’s called maybe is it I don’t know I feel like my phone should just be left for a phone and social media and stuff like that I don’t want my phone to control listening stereo kind of thing so is why I go with the with the iPad you know leave a phone in my but you know you can do whatever you like I believe you can download the app for your phone all right so cons because common that I can see really is just the low its power output have to jack up the volume to the 70 75 percent to get the desired volume level in myspace remember my space is 3800 cubic feet it’s pretty large okay I think I measured 23 feet one direction 17 feet the other direction one side of the roof is at 8 feet the other side is at 14 so it kind of like big that’s like a that’s like a triangle right so that’s pretty much the situation I have a big room so in a smaller space that probably wouldn’t be too big of a problem and if you’re you know just jumping into this home theater thing or ditching the sound bar and wanting to go with a you know small have no system that that’s a full-fledged home theater then this could be a good option for you so just keep that in mind actually that’s what we’re talking about now who is just good for it this is a great option for anyone that’s looking to jump into home theater at a small budget if you pair this baby receiver with like a focals setup I’ll put a link down the description for that that’s a nice small compact little system and we’ve you know a couple for cables and stuff like that cuz you’re definitely gonna need that and like maybe speaker stands as well especially if you’re going with small satellite speakers and you know if you were to go with the SBS prime satellite 5.1 set up which add this to it you’re maybe 1500 with you know cables and speaker stands so this is a good APR if you’re just getting into home theater and you want to ditch the sound bar and get something a little bit more robust you know where you can plug in a turntable where you can actually have like some good room filling sound because we all know TVs these days their sound sucks.

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