Owlet Smart Baby Monitor Black Friday Deals 2019 (Updated Today)

Amazon has released huge discounts for Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor, Get your hands on this deal before it gets expired. Plus, don’t forget to check out the craziest deals for you for black Friday.

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor Black Friday Deals 2019

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor Black Friday Deals 2019

In this article, we will show you complete of Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor Black Friday Deals 2019. This post keeps you updated with latest features.

The owlet baby monitor at about you might be asking yourself is it worth it is it accurate and ended in something that I need when I try to answer those questions for you and give you a full review of this guy coming right up hey guys welcome to another to your view or you blog chat fatherhood and share our thoughts on family-related products if you’re new to this channel and you want to follow along for more vlogs and reviews

just like this one we highly encourage you to consider subscribing and final note this isn’t a partner’s or sponsored video we’re going to be sharing our on a thoughts on outlet with you guys so let’s go ahead and dive right in first let’s start by talking about what outlet is and what it isn’t what it is is a sensor worn on the foot of your baby to give you heart rate and oxygen levels based off of pulse oximetry if readings if two concerning levels outlet is designed to go ahead and alert you via phone or the base station which we’re going to get into what it isn’t is a medical device now I’m pretty sure they can’t legally even say it but what they want to say is that this device can help prevent SIDS sudden infant death syndrome which is the most frequent cause of infant mortality here in the United States but we’re going to talk about that more later because that kind of plugs into the why you might want to buy this for now let’s dive into the outlets three components that make up this product and and dive into the actual technology so the first component of outlet is the newly designed generation 2 sock it comes in many sizes as well as the real brains of the operation the sensor the second component is the base station and the third is the app first let’s talk about the generation 2 sock I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews about the sock but I genuinely think that those reviews were spurred from bad sock design the original sock design simply wrapped around the heel and that was about it it made it really easy for babies to kick it off in the middle of the night and give inaccurate readings or even spur red and yellow alerts to happen frequently throughout the night that gave a lot of parents a lot of anxiety and it just catered to an overall dissatisfaction with the product but I think they fixed it with the generation 2 sock instead.

Just wrapping around the heel not on the windows a wrap around the heel but it doesn’t extra turn by going over the foot and belt growing into where it first started we’ve been using this for about 3 weeks now and our son hasn’t kicked it off in the middle of the night and we haven’t gotten any false alarms that we’ve read so much about so I think the socket design has been much more improved now I don’t know if they’re going to explore different colorways this is obviously in their signature mint color and I actually don’t care if they explore colorways or not because I love this color now you’ll notice the real brains of the operation is the white center that goes into all of the socks each sock has those two clear windows that’s able to send those red pulses into the baby to get the readings that you need it’s not incredibly difficult to muscle in the center into the sock but it takes a little bit of wiggling around so let’s move on to the second component of the base station on the front you’ll see outlets logo on white and on the back you’ll see their signature green color on top you’ll notice these two micro USB ports one is to charge the actual base station and the second is to charge the sock sensor I am a little surprised that these are micro USB ports at the moment seems to be trending toward USB type-c so I’m curious as to whether or not they’re going to start incorporating USB type-c ports in future generations of the base station also on the back you’ll notice two small light indicators to show whether or not Wi-Fi and the sock are connected to the base station lastly you’ll notice a transparent ring around the rim of the base station and those are where the lights are going to be coming from whenever an alert is happening we’re going to be looking out for five different color lights whenever you’re using the outlet so whenever the sock is going to be charging on the base station you’ll notice the ring turn white anytime the base station loses connectivity with Wi-Fi the ring is going to turn blue and it’s going to China the tune of hush little baby and it’s also going to chance at that same tune whenever the sock can’t get an accurate reading in most cases the baby just kind of kicked off the sock when that happens it does that same time except the ring turns yellow now the big scary thing that you want to look out for is when this thing starts bolting red and it has a scary alert sound that means the vitals are off and you need to go check on your baby right now lastly when this thing is pulsing green that means all vitals are normal and you’re in the clear do you want to note that this ring can get pretty bright especially in a dark room so what you can do is actually hold down the base station for a couple seconds you’ll feel that click and it’ll automatically itself to a much more tolerable level now last thing we want to discuss is range really it shouldn’t be a problem because for the most part you’re going to keep this really close to your baby in the baby’s nursery and you’re going to get all your alerts through your phone but in the case that you do want to keep this in your in your room instead of the nursery it should be able to reach it I give it about a 30-foot range we live in a three-story townhome and anywhere that we’ve gone where the base station is and women room and the babies elsewhere it’s been able to connect pretty well so I’m not too worried about the range but that may vary lastly you’ve got the app it’s fairly easy to set up it really isn’t a whole lot and it’s a very simple minimalistic app really there’s just this one main page and when you swipe up you have your heart rate and the oxygen levels that’s basically all you’re looking for in the app so long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi whatever is happening on the base station you’ll be alerted also on your phone via the app this used to be exclusive to iPhone but they’ve since come out with an Android app so it should work on all devices so that’s a quick rundown of all the components that make up outlet now the big question that I wanted answered is is this thing actually accurate so to test that we went to our local pediatrician and tested the outlet against their pulse oximeter that they use in house here’s what we found yeah that’s the heart rate and you know he’s always going to be hind just due to his age right right so that was their reading what with outlets reading at the same time bowel it reads about 159 160 it fluctuates and at 98 97 percent oxygen level so what we found were the oxygen readings were pretty on par but the heart rate readings were a little bit lower compared to our nurses pulse oximeter that they were using in house but I think the bigger concerns are the ranges in which the app sends alerts in the words of the nurse that we were talking to here’s what he had to say anything 96 or both would be great if it’s like at 95 we’re still a border line yeah yeah 94 definitely bring them in there may be some lack of oxygen whether information of the airway the lungs are very congested as a lot of flammer music do like 122 like maybe 220 yeah when you have to be fine the power of the sixties just really little which is really low air like at 70 and and it’s telling you and it’s telling you that 70 still a good number yeah see that little line right there yeah somebody’s just really bad for him.

Exactly his age now 70 if you’re all I’m not on a ten or eleven year old variety of that’s perfect maybe even a nine year old but on a baby just age you definitely want to do way higher than that so I guess that is kind of a little bit concerning the heart range that ala is tracking is going to be between 60 and 220 and the oxygen levels are going to be between 80 and 100 and according to that nurse as well as other nurses that have made reviews online that is a little bit not okay the ranges should be adjusted and I don’t know if ala is planning on doing that in the near future that’s just something to note that’s just something that we found that we wanted to share with you guys so that was a quick rundown of outlet all of that being said the big question is should you buy outlet and I would give it a soft yes if important disclaimer for this part I am NOT a medical professional this is just an opinion on YouTube I would say if your baby is a preemie or if there’s family history of sleep problems or if your baby experienced sleep problems early on then yeah go for it really is nothing compared to the life of your baby you just have to understand that this isn’t medically necessary this isn’t a medical device and you can’t rely on a hundred percent to prevent SIDS because the reality is it’s just a device to help alert you to abnormalities in your baby’s vitals so don’t rely on us 100% to prevent SIDS don’t do that ultimately the best way to prevent SIDS is to use the proper precautions abide by those basic rules of having your baby sleep on his or her back and keeping them away from blankets and pillows and stuffed animals etc I mean this product does give you a bit of reassurance I mean it says it on their box it says up all night so you don’t have to be it does give you reassurance and as many forums as I’ve perused it said you know like oh this is totally a first-time parent gift or first-time parent product sure it may be but I think it does give you that reassurance that you need however there are some people that frantically check the app constantly over and over again I need to see my baby’s vital I need to see how he’s doing how she is doing I always need to see that and if you have that kind of personality I think that this product won’t actually give you any rest any sleep and in fact it’ll actually make you even more worried and keep you up all night and just make you even more anxious so you have to know your own personality your own temperament are you the kind of person that will be cool just set it and forget it or are you the person that’s really always going to be tuning into your phone.

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