Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Open Frame Generator Black Friday Deals 2019

Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Open Frame Generator Black Friday Deals 2019
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In this article we review Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Open Frame Generator Black Friday Deals 2019. Lets! check out the latest update and features of this product.

Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Open Frame Generator Black Friday Deals 2019

Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Open Frame Generator Black Friday Deals 2019Generator power source calm here for a real-world test of the Westinghouse ijen 4200 today we’re going to be testing the ijen 4200 on this cougar fifth-wheel behind me and what I want to test is a real-world situation how does it power the electric hot water heater the electric fireplace the AC although it’s a little bit chilly today I don’t know if the compressor will kick on on the AC I’ll try it but we’ll see and all the other accessories in this travel trailer can it power it how loud does it get when we turn them on etc so as you can see in front of me I have a voltage meter ant meter as well as a decibel meter so what I’m going to do is get an ambient reading first then we’ll turn the generator on and then start going through the accessories I’ll read them out to you and we will watch when we turn them on how much does the voltage drop when they engage how much louder do they get at the unit as well as inside the travel trailer which is about 20 feet behind me so we’ll sit on the couch and get a decimal reading on the inside so you know how loud it is and then of course like I said we’ll get the Volt and amp reading as well for the corresponding accessories on the inside so first up we’re going to test the AC which is a 13,500 BTU air conditioner like I said I don’t know if the compressor is going to engage because it’s pretty chilly out right now but at least you’ll see the fan kick on so what you’ll notice when she turns the AC on the inside is you’re going to get a slight surge before that compressor kicks on because that’s the fan kicking off before the compressor kicks on so first let’s get a reading and you guys can get an idea of the voltage right now we’re pulling three point three amps again that’s like the refrigerator and the battery charger let me make sure these leads are in 120 425 volts like I said 3.2 AM let’s get a decimal reading eighty-one decimal so I’m going to give her the thumbs up to turn the air on keep an eye on the voltage drop alright go ahead like I said you’re going to see that fan kick on first and then maybe the compressor so there goes the fan my voltage dropped to 110 and immediately back up to 124 and we’ll see if that compressor kicks on we’re pulling six amps right now so Dow fan is about three amps our pulling and 8283 decimals no no big increase there usually about a minute time delay on that compressor so we’ll see if it actually kicks on or not the compressor okay we got it to kick on so a pretty big voltage drop down to sixty I believe it was and now we’re drawing 13 amps you can see 13-inch withdrawing and immediately back up to 120 223 volts eighty-nine decimals will go on the inside and get a decimal reading on the inside now that we got that confessor running we’re inside the Union right now the fan is located right above me so most of all you’re here as androids I can hardly hear the generator mostly it’s just a noise but we’ll get a reading 67 decibels with the generator outside with the compressor now shutting off next up we’re going to engage the electric hot water heater so we’re reading a hundred and twenty four volts prior and three amps eighty-one decibels electric hot water heater watch the voltage drop down to 76 and back up to 121 we’re pooling 13 Oh 90 to 95 decibels off don’t do that all right we’ll do that one more time watch a voltage drop I believe it was down to 76 last time not as bad this time so you see a just a slight drop and then right back up to 121 122 again 15 and 7 : all righty inside the unit sit back down here 48 decibels so eight decibels louder than ambien I can definitely hear it but it’s not obnoxious next we’re gonna go ahead and engage the electric fireplace right here so we’ll turn that on I believe that pools roughly the same probably 12 amps but we’ll check it on the outside next up is the electric fireplace go ahead and turn that on one hundred twenty four volts prior there goes took a while for that element to kick on so brief drop and immediately back back up it slowly drawing 10 amps eighty six decimals left right got the electric fireplace it feels quite good on a brisk day like now definitely some heat coming out it feels great ten amps again so not that big of a draw forty-six forty-seven decibels so about six decibels over ambien I can hear it but it’s not super loud next up is the microwave this one is again another slow buildup much like the AC one and 24 volts go ahead drop the 1/16 back to 120 very minor job we’re pulling 14 amps right now 80 decibels 124 finer drop the one swab and then back one 142 and again 14 and reading microwaves on as you can see it’s running one minute it will sit down in the same spot and get a reading 51 decibels next up we’re gonna turn on the TV we’ll turn on the radio all your everyday accessories the refrigerator like I said the TV the radio everything that we would run on a normal basis usually about four amps it’s not much and we’ll get a reading next up is your everyday accessories your TV radio charge a few phones laptops etc she’s in there turning on stuff right now but there’s just no difference you’re not seeing any voltage drop or anything like that we went from three amps to basically 3.3 4 amps and that’s with the TV running and everything so very minor difference 82 decibels would go on the inside to get one final meeting see we’ve got the radio on we got the TV on no signal but Lisa’s home we’re charging two laptops in the back and I’ll go ahead and sit down save spot for consistency 40 decibels so basically ambient so running your everyday accessories doesn’t draw much that’s a wrap of the Westinghouse ijen 4200.

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